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Started by dlrpkris, August 06, 2010, 11:30:26 PM

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Hey I just wanted to share a little idea I had for Disneyland Paris with you.

Several users have talked about celebrating the film 'Enchanted' further in the parks, other than the Enchanted fireworks during summer. As one of the most iconic pure 'Disney' movies over the 00's and considering it fits the New Generation theme perfectly, it's a shame that the fireworks only get shown in summer!

I'd like to complement the following scene from the movie to create a daily daytime spectacle exclusive to Disneyland Park, Paris. Following the trend of 'flashmobs' that have been so current over the last year and keeping true to the film, the idea is simple: allow Gisele and Robert stroll Central Plaza and break into song – bursting into a large-scale spontaneous 'moment' of Disney magic.


We're blessed with a 360degree stage in the very centre of Disneyland Park, ideal for this production. As the song grows, more cast (disguised as 'guests', in character or even just as duty CMs) gather on stage, such as the finale from the song sequence in Central Park. Balloons, ribbons, dancers, colourful costumes and regular people all gathering in a choreographed routine that really catches guests unawares. Could even add the doves and confetti to the finale too if you like.

To me, the best entertainment is the stuff that creates memories. We all remember the moment when the lights went out during our first viewing of MSEP, or perhaps when Tinkerbell starts to fly up to the castle in her firework display several years ago, so this too should provide a new, modern, UNEXPECTED exceeding of expectations that I feel the park lacks today.

The daily performance could even catch on as a promotional tool. Guests are bound to catch the event on their camera and share it with family and friends like they 'must see this'... not to mention YouTube. DLP could've even used it as part of the New Generation launch perhaps. Imagine having Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey perform this just as a one off... filmed professionally and launched online similar to DLR's marriage proposal routine that went live a year ago? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IpojZ0COU3Y We all saw the power of a huge ensemble cast in the Next Gen Show launch... just a pitty nobody really saw it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpyjqvje9ts#t=4m01s

On a practical level, 5minutes of CastMmembers time could prove fairly inexpensive – so is the music. If they were to extend or modify the track a little, That's How You Know is largely percussive anyway. No big orchestra required! Costumes can be gathered from past productions, current operation costumes or even CM wardrobes since some would be disguised as guests.

I think the idea has a lot of potential. Would be cool to hear some of your considered responses :)

Oh, and here's a few similar large-scale spontaneous productions to give you an idea of the impact. The first is the most similar to that I envisage, but they're all fun.



[youtube:3rv91q5f]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ3d3KigPQM[/youtube:3rv91q5f]  and the original... of course
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Great idea about the flashmob! After you told me this particular idea at the airport last week I already liked it, but thanks to the clips I understand your concept better now. I agree with you that the unexpected experiences are probably the most memorable and it could create a great word of mouth.

Maybe they can use different songs on different days, so guests may never have the same experience twice. I can imagine having a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious flashmob aswell for example. Or maybe the flashmobs could be at different times and different places (Town Square, Central Plaza stage like you suggested) so guests with multiple-day-tickets may never know where and when to expect the next flashmob(s) the following day? Just a thought.


Haha, well yeah. Lots of routines could be fun, just thought this scene lended itself especially well to the idea. 'Streetmosphere' always looks so well arranged and is often even promoted on parkmaps etc. I do love it, yet it can be quite lengthy with a lot of talking. A short but grand spectacle can give a real 'wow' factor. Oh I'm thinking of all the other numbers that could work too :P
"Life\'s a happy game, you could clown around forever - \'cos we\'re the best of friends"
It\'s time to bring down the house - welcome Mickey Mouse!


:thumbs: thats such a good idea, you can imagine it happening at different points in the park to keep that spontaneous and unexpected feeling, different tracks too. It would really create a magical experience for maybe a 10 min performance.


Ive only recently watched Enchanted (shame on me) and i LOVED it!! I just sat smiling throughout the whole film and the songs are really contemporary and catchy (i now sing them constantly lol). I love the flashmob idea and think it could work really well but would there be room to dance on the streets in peak season? Obviously you couldnt rope areas off as that would give it away but id be scared of hitting little kids or tripping over buggys! Saying that tho Disney to me is all about providing memories and i think an Enchanted flashmob would really create that, however on the downside if people knew about it and were expecting it to happen at some point during the day it might not have the same effect as if it was done randomly every few days....the anticipation of it happening would be too much for me tho and obviously some people would be upset if they didnt see it....swings and roundabouts i guess!


Great idea. It would be very origional and enjoyable to watch :Thumbs:
I would love to watch it you could have the show start at slightly different times each day so it surprises the people watching. Would this be the only thing themed to enchanted in all the parks apart from the fireworks? If so it should definatly happen beacause Enchanted is a fantastic movie. I think i read though that disney has to pay Amy Adams royalties when they use her in the parks, so i think that is why shes not featured much.
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I LOVE the Antwerp station one xD (probably cause I love the station itself hehe) over half way where theres the guy dresses as a businessman and he just suddenly joined in and that cracked me up. I have to admit I've thought about this many times... Infact I had a dream once where I was walking down Mainstreet with my friends and we started singing Thats how you know and everyone started joining in. It would be an amazing thing to do and I would love to see something like this in DLP :)

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