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Started by tinker_fairy, August 05, 2010, 01:57:31 PM

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Quote from: "tinker_fairy"Hi guys :) I figured I'd put this question here because I think it would be understood by everyone!!

Well basically, our family life pretty much revolves around disney.. just because of how amazing it is. When you try to describe disney, to someone who has nothing to to with it, you just cannot put into words just how magical it is. Everything about it, the themeing, the music around the parks, the atmosphere. It's not just like a trip to france, its a trip to another world. Everything about it is different, and all your problems at home just don't exist. Does this make any sense? Because I tried to explain it to a non-disney person and they looked at me like I was nuts.  :oops:  Please someone tell me they understand!!

Ah such a nice post and I completely agree! I think every person who eneters the park and spends 5 minutes looking around the park in their busy day, and see's a tiny detail, Mickey waling down main street, admireing the flowers or listening to the background music, that they then feel the same way. It truely makes walts words of 'here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy' a reality, and no other place can do it
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i know exactly the feeling, im taking my boyfriend next month for the first time (its my 9th trip) and im soo excited, he keeps calling me mad for coming on here reading everything and going on and on but as someone else said i know if i can get him through the gates he will feel exactly the same! i cant wait and im planning to take my toddler for the first time in march11' (he will be 18months) i just cannot wait some of my best memories of growing up were at dlp and i want to give my son that same experience! :D
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