15MY's Super Sweet Mother&Son Trip Report!

Started by 15MagicalYears, July 04, 2010, 03:32:31 PM

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Hey 15MY.  I've been reading your report for a few days and I've been very much enjoying it.  I love reading about people's trip to DLP especially because we aren't going this summer for the first time in nine years (unless you count September as a summer month, in which case its 13 years  :shock:  ) so I need to get my Disney fix elsewhere :mrgreen:

Looking forward to the next installment! :D
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Enjoying the report, it seems like you had a good time. I look forward to reading the rest.
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Once again guys, thanks for your kind words. I'm so glad you are enjoying it!

Day 1 Part 2.

So after "Attacking Fantasyland" :lol: we headed down main street to the Cable Car bakery where we indulged in a yummy treat that would keep us going until lunch. I had myself a cupcake and my mum got a cheesecake. Delicious! After our pit-stop we were raring to go again, we headed straight to Discoveryland to do Captain EO. Which was really good, we enjoyed it. A lot of kids had to be taken out though, they were hysterical! They seemed really upset! We moved onto Fantasyland for snow white. . Which is always a terrifying classic :lol: It lures you in, making you think it's going to be pretty and sweet and then your traumatised after 2 minutes of evil!
Next up was Pirates, which we both obviously really enjoyed. I just wish DLP would update some of the effects. Not only on Pirates but PM too? I feel they need it now as they are starting to feel slightly dated, I'm not saying there awful or ancient. It would just be cool to see some of the newer effects here in Paris.
For lunch we had a reservation at Agrabah Cafe. Our reservation was at 1 and we arrived just a bit earlier so we walked through the passages of Aladdin which was as always gorgeous! Shouldn't the windows on main street be like this?
Anyway, the Agrabah Cafe was gorgeous!! Honestly, one of my favourite meals of the trip. A great selection of delicious food, the only thing I would say thought was that out table felt kind of cold and unloved, I know that's an awfully weird was to describe a table. But I just felt that it was placed in an awkward alley way and it felt uncomfortable. I have nothing bad to say about the food though! Gorgeous.
After lunch we headed to Woody's Round up to catchup with our furry friends. This is a great location, it was really quiet and the interactions with the characters where fantastic! Meeting characters is one of my favourite things to do at Disney, they make some amazing memories.

We were feeling rather drained and my feet were feeling abused due to silly shoe choices. I wanted to bring crocs but left it too late to order them online :(. Anyway, we hopped on the train for a leisurely ride to Main Street station where he got off and headed back to our hotel to freshen up and rest a while.
Later on we headed back to the parks but first we stopped at Annete's to get an early Dinner. Which was lovely. I got the Euro-Chick burger and my mum choose the Classic American hot dog. Yum, yum!

I knew there was a showing of Disney's Showtime Spectacular at quarter to 8 that I wanted to catch.   I tried to take some pictures of the show but the clouds were grey and there was mild rain so the pictures all turned out horrible and blurry. The show was great, very cute! I feel it's a huge improvement from last year's show but yet there's still a long way to go if they want a REAL spectacular.

Moving quick after the show we marched off to Frontierland and joined the 40min queue for BTM. While in the queue it started POURING! It's so much fun riding BTM in the rain. Rather wet and with 10 minutes left till park closing time we decided to head back to catch up in our sleep before our early reservation at Café Mickey tomorrow morning!

I'm sorry the updates are taking so long guys, I promise I'll finish this though!


I have GOT to remember to go to Woody's Roundup this time.

Nice report :)
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Woody's roundup was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. We got there about half an hour before opening time and the kids just played with the water trough until it opened. We were first in! No Goofy though, which made me sad, but the kids didn't know.

God, I'm going to have to do my own trip report. I think it's all coming back to me in drips and drabs...  :D

Keep it up 15MY, loving the pics and reports.  :thumbs:


Poor Fantasyland! Being attacked again! :lol:
Great report :D

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Can't wait to read more!
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Quote from: "kelly.dylan"Looking forward to hearing about your trip, my son is 10 and its just the 2 of us on our Disney trips and i thought in a couple of years he wont want to go with me anymore but seeing you and your son gives me a bit of hope that we have got a few years yet ;)

dont worry about that!!! im 20!! and honestly would feel reeeeeealy bad going to disneyland without my mum with me =] every trip to DLRP i have gone on has been with my mum, it would just be strange to go without her =]

great report =] would love to read more soon =]
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Quote from: "kelly.dylan"
Quote from: "15MagicalYears"
Quote from: "kelly.dylan"Looking forward to hearing about your trip, my son is 10 and its just the 2 of us on our Disney trips and i thought in a couple of years he wont want to go with me anymore but seeing you and your son gives me a bit of hope that we have got a few years yet ;)

I am the son!  :lol:  I wouldn't worry, I'm sure you will have many more trips with your son. I wouldn't miss a trip with my mum for the world. It's soo much fun just the two of us.

Im sure Dylan will be the same, we do EVERYTHING together :D I've told him i want to go to Disney for my 40th birthday and he will be 16 then and can take his girlfiend :-" His face was a picture :oops:

Just thought id mention that you probably have noting to worry about, my brother is 17 and hes still going to DLRP with us, he loves it! and on our next trip it will be a week before his 18 birthday :)) i'm sure your son will enjoy disney for at leat another 5 or 6 years! :D
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Yes people shouldn't worry too much about the age of their sons...i'm 22 and it's just me and my 40 year old Mum going for Halloween!

This is a really nice trip report by the way!