Who's going to the Halloween party this year?!

Started by Masamune, August 21, 2006, 12:46:38 PM

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:o I hope it's OK for me to make this in a separate thread to the Halloween Sticky, if it's not, feel free to lock it!

:) I'm just wondering who here is going to Disneyland Paris for the Halloween party on October 31st! My costume arrived today, and suddenly I'm scared that me, my mum and my cousin will be the only ones in costume! So is anyone else going to the party, and if so, are you going in costume? :D


Flor and I are going with my sister!  We'll be dressing up in the theme of Beauty and the Beast...

Oh, I think you'll like my costume...  :wink:

What are you wearing?


:shock: Are you going as Gaston? *Will totally have to stalk you if you are* :lol:

:D I'm going as the Queen of Hearts, complete with plush Cheshire Cat handbag and plush Flamingo mallet... :P my cousin is going as the Evil Queen, and my mum is going as the White Witch...

:lol: We're too stupid to make our own costumes, so we bought all ours off the Disney Shopping website... :) they're all really gorgeous, but like I said, I'm a bit nervous about standing out too much in a crowd...


I'm going, my first Halloween Soiree, I shall be dressing up as Captain Hook, keeping with the pirate theme, yet supporting the original and best Disney pirate :wink: .  Bought it off the net now I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the post. :wink:   Bring on All Hallows Eve :D


:) This will be my first Halloween at Disney too! :D I feel so much better now knowing that at least a few other people will be in costume... :P hopefully there will be a lot more there!


Almost everyone dresses up that night!  Most people just wear cheap dracula or scream costumes.  :lol:


Finally some persons who also dress up as a Disney Character instead of those 'scary things'. It couldn't be better.
In the last 3 years, we only saw increasing the number of disney costumes.


:shock: I hope I don't stand out too much in my big fat Queen of Hearts dress... o-o it's all sticky outy at the bottom like a Princess dress...

:) Hopefully there will be plenty of people in Disney costumes, but if not, I still feel loads better knowing that almost everyone dresses up for the party... :P it should be fun! *Will see if she can get away with hitting random people with her mallet* :lol:

So where has everyone got their costumes from? :)


Hi - I'm going with my two friends and one of their daughters.  We are planning on going as Flora, Fauna and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty although the little girl is going as a pirate as we can't persuade her to wear a dress!!
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:lol: Aww...one would think any little girl going to Disneyland would want to go as a Princess, but Pirates are just as good... :) and the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty is such a lovely idea! *Likes Fauna the best* :D


Do you think that all the magicforum members should get a group photo that night?  :)  8)


:D I think that would be a nice idea! XP It may be difficult to get all of us in one place at one time though... :) since this is our first Halloween, no doubt me, my mum and my cousin will be wanting to do some exploring first!


A group photo would be great!

I'm not sure if i'm going yet, it's still possible, but planning 2 months ahead is a bit of a stretch for me. :lol: I'm not sure if I'd go in costume anyway, I'm always rubbish at things like that and I don't look like any Disney character.  Maybe something more generic like a ToT bellhop?  Or does anyone know how I could accomplish a Lightning McQueen costume? :P




lol i dont think it will fit!
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