my NEW WDS masterplan

Started by jwagner, June 12, 2010, 10:02:27 PM

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hi everyone,
maybe you have seen my first masterplan viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9146
i decided to make a new one because i got much more, i think better, ideas ( many of them stolen :P
Thanks to the people who told me this ideas, they're great =D> )

But now let's begin:

First thing you can see is that there isno sci-fi studios anymore. i canceled this plan, cause it would be to expensive for such a small different. there wouldn't be more attractions in the resort. Star tours and co. would also fit in discoveryland if their facades would be adapted.

Here the things you can see on my map:
1. This is Soarin' (the front will be in a hollywood blvd theme)
2. This area will be adapted to the Hollywod blvd, in the middle could be a fontain or anything else....
     there are film props and street artists
3. This is a hollywood themed cinema... in it could e.g. be muppets 3D
4. This is a hollywood restaurant....something like a sidewalk café
5. not sure...a new attraction with lots of special effects
6. the new station for the Studio Tram tour
    the only thing which will be kept is catastrophy sets will be added
    there is also some place for future additions to make it comparable to te universal studio tour
7. this will be World Of Color. it lies in the sydney harbour. behind the show is the sidney harbour bridge
8. this is a fiding nemo musical located in the opera house
9. here will be the new CRUSHs COASTER. it contains the old props and vehicles, but the rest will be redesigned
    the front of this building i in the style of sydney harbour
10. shops, toilets and a restaurant for the sydne area
11. Monster inc. ride and go seek
12. A new designed crush on the alladins carpet theme...i think on the scene where djini, and aladin are flying out of the temple followed by lava.

yeah, thats all!! hope u liked it;)
big big thanks to LIL-SHAWN for his great idea of the sidney harbour  :thumbs:  =D>  =D>

would like to hear what U think about this!!! :D


Your ideas are not that bad  :thumbs: , maybe a bit refining it an it would be great.
the only thing i don´t like is the aladdin ride idea, take it out, bring in something
different more pixar related...  ;)