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Started by lil-shawn, June 12, 2010, 05:17:26 PM

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After watching the videos of World of Color i was thinking that this would be a perfect
show for WDS because it has Animation from disney and pixar.. so why not take it into toon studios,
make this place a bit bigger, retheme the whole toon studios.
A new walkway will lead you between Ratatouille and Toy story playland into the new area of the park,
it will have a big lake, viewing area and sydney habour. here is the provisory map....

Crusch Coaster will get demolisched an rebuild at sydney habour, the facade will get a new theme to
fit the habour.
The Finding Nemo Musical will get the theme of the sydney opera house.

Fly with Nigel will be the rethemed flying carpets, it will sit on the little lake on the sydney habour.
The big black walkway is the Habour Bridge, who leads you over the lake...

After this is done, the place from costuming to studio 3 is free for something new!!


This is the greatest idea i saw the last time!!! =D>  =D>  =D>
would be the best thing disney could ever do.....but 2 questions:
-what would you do with the tram tour route?
-what would you build where crush coaster ia right now?


there was just an idea coming up to my mind.
why not retheme crushs coaster and build a new better one in sidney harbour???
for the new one you could use the props and the just have to add new effects and you have a new version of CRUSH.
for the "old one": -removing the props and retheme the building
                          - adding a new theme like cars(?) or flying carpets(?)

Voilà, you have 2 new great rollercoasters for the studios...
What do you think about it???


thanks for your compliment....

Quote-what would you do with the tram tour route?
-what would you build where crush coaster ia right now?

For the tram tour i think a simple reroute would do it, just adding a new prop and special effect
part along the route.

With the old Crush Coaster and the Flying Carpets i thought, they should get just implemented
to the new sydney habour, the flying carpets could get rethemed to Fly with Nigel and Crush
could get movet to another place with a new facade theme....

And on the new empty space i thought of something like Monstropolis, with monsters ink lough floor, and
monsters ink ride and seek... a little shop themed and filled with merchendise for monsters ink. also
a nice little fast food restaurant could get build there.

The part of the costuming building you see inside the park will get a new facade. in style of picar place from
DHS and Luxo jr. will make its appereance too.

Also animagique will get a new facade in style of the pixar buildings. in front a nicly themed garden will
get made.

The Art of disney anymation will get demolished and Cars race rally will get rethemd. here is a new little
map of how this area could get reused after crush and flying carpets got rebuild on the new area....

Flik´s Flyers!

Ladybug Boogie!

Heimlich´s chew chew train coaster!
it will be the same system as in goofy´s barnstormer but themed to heimlich and a bugs life.

the idea of putting a bugs land here, is because of toy story, so the whole flow of shrinking is in this
area. also it would round up the new only pixar themed place...


All really good ideas. I would love it to be built.
Really like it that your adding the bugs life land i have always wanted a bugs life ride in the studios.
Will you be putting in just the three rides on the videos for bugs life or will you be adding any new ones ?
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1:


That sounds like my heart fell.. :(
Thanks for the infos.