Did Festival Disney ever have a logo?

Started by pussinboots, February 08, 2009, 02:50:27 AM

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This was posted by Spacey on DCP:


They really must have had -erm- "des balles" to build something like Festival Disney in France. It wasn't pretty.


lovely erm :?  :?  :?

seeing that pic reminds me of how much i miss the sky of lights that was there ( ah the memories )


I found at DisneyCentralPlaza a pic of the old disney village entrance with logo and starsky:

Click: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/6958001.jpg

and without planet hollllywoood and the rest.

And Frank Gehry:

Both from DisneyCentralPlaza:
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Quote from: "Riebi"

OMG,  :shock: . It looks beautiful, why cant DV look clean and modern like this, I hate the metal sheet stuff.

Oh and i found another photo of the Festival Disney Logo on google images;

Source; //http://land.allears.net/blogs/jackspence/2009/01/disney_village_disneyland_pari.html


Disney village doesn´t look that cool and modern cause they rip out all store signs, logos, neons, starsky, cleaness and made instead ballllooooons, pastel colours, junglethings from rainforest café, café mickey, cheap probs and all that stuff that doesn´t match gehrys idea.
The first thing that seems to get the right direction seems to be...starbucks...sad, isn´t it?

It´s even harder if you know this old disney village as a real cool spot, like a big starcovered party place with laser shows at night...but ok! good old times  :wink:
Tommmmoooorrroow is another day. And I hope that they now get their XXX up and make disney village again to a cool place to stay.
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

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