Disney's Sequoia Lodge refurbishment (October 2010 - 2012)

Started by Kristof, May 27, 2010, 01:00:43 PM

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I think the 'eco thingy' can only be good. It wouldn't change the character or theme of the hotel at all, as most eco improvements are 'behind the scenes' anyhow, such as solar roof panels, recycling water / brown water systems, very good insulation and airflow systems, low environmental impact sourcing of materials.

None of this is going OTT, and just because there are other companies who are worse, doesn't mean Disney shouldn't be leading the way in showing good practice.

Bring it on I say! :thumbs:
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Finally Sequoia Lodge gets new flat screens and internet. Dlp.info has posted an article about the recent additions and changes in the hotel. nfortunately it isn't wireless internet, you have to use a cable.

Hopefully the other hotels will receive new TVs and internet as well.



Brilliant! So glad them old tv's are on their way out, they were an embaressment!


Excellent news on the new TVs. Wonder if there is any ports so I could bring a mini DVD player to avoid just watching the Disney Channel or the dreadful BBC World Service :?:


cool i was thinking about a dvd player my son said this morning "mum disneyland doesnt have tv does it you just watch the park!" meaning that usually the top ten places to go is on constantly!!
Been to DLP many times when I was little and now with my own children. First time 1992 and th last time was 2012! Going in  November 2017, so exited cant wait :-)


I suppose there's going to be Samsung sponsering everywhere now :P


Quote from: "lauramumof3"cool i was thinking about a dvd player my son said this morning "mum disneyland doesnt have tv does it you just watch the park!" meaning that usually the top ten places to go is on constantly!!

BUT I bet ALL of us have watched it more than once when staying there  :D/

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Some news on the Sequioa Lodge refurbishment!

Rooms will receive a slight Bambi theme, but will keep the current Arts & Crafts style.  Think of the Disneyland Hotel rooms with the hidden characters on the wall paper, etc.  Most furniture is being replaced as well, a new cupboard has been designed to accommodate a flatscreen tv.

The new style is designed by EDLI and approved by WDI.

Work will begin in October and finishes in 2012.

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So good to hear! Love the sound of that :bambi: wall paper too, thats what set the Disney hotels apart :D
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i'm going in december to this hotel, it's stays open during the works, but what about the noise thats comes with the works? i don't want to get awake at 6 in the morning because of working noise?


Finally some great news about the resort. SL really needs the refurbishment.

Kristof, do you know if Antoine Grumbach, the architect of the hotel, was also involved in the redesigne of the rooms? At least WDI in Glendale did approve it. I don't trust DLP-I that much.
But I'm also not so confident in WDI since their recent attractions. Nevertheless their last hotels are all Disney standard, so I think the new rooms will look great.


A slight Bambi Theme??? What the he'll has that to do with the current theme and style? Wow that really is a tenuous link! And "slight theme"? Why bother? Or should that be brother, not bother? Wouldn't Brother Bear be more in keeping than Bambi? Wow this and the cars overlay at Santa Fe, has someone lost the plot?..


As long as these additions are done tastefully (ahem! sante fe- ahem!), with subtle things such as engravings in woodwork or easily missed paterns in the wallpaper, then i'm quite optimistic about this. Bambi is a great choice- a very well loved classic that goes with the theme and atmosphere of the hotel- it also helps to Disney-fy the hotel and distance the non-disney hotels. So nice to have something paying tribute to classic disney rather than anything new!

(though i can imagine that its possible for my cheery attitude to change VERY quickly once i see the pictures of what they're doing... god i hope they don't ruin it- i love sequoia lodge)


I think it all sounds awesome and glad to see Bambi being used as a slight theme.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow,... You're always a day closer to my next Disney trip!


I wonder if they are essentially just going to copy the Bambi motifs on the bedspreads and shower curtains like the Grand Californian in Anaheim to save on cost?
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