Started by luke85, April 25, 2010, 11:14:11 AM

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Was looking at the latest Euro Souvenirland update ( ... programme/) and saw 'Crescend'O' in the Disney Village programme guide.

I've never really read much or heard anything about this show, so was just wondering whether or not anybody here had any information about it? What was the show about, where it was performed, and for how long?

Pictures would be great too!


As I understood it should be some kind of Cirque du Soleil rip off. It was performed in the big top near Mc Donalds.


Crescend'O ran for only a little while (a year or two?) in 1999. It was an aquatic circus, with diving, synchronised swimming, ice skating, horse riding and traditional circus arts, and live avent guard music (I love it and still listen to the CD sometimes) very similar to the Cirque du Soliel.

It was directed by Murial Hermene (sp?) and although not quite on the scale of CDS, it was still very good. I was very sad when it went, but between the venue opening less than half full most of the time, and a wind storm that did a large amount of damage to the tent (which they eventually repaired), it quietly went away.

Shame, I really liked it.

There are not many photos available on line as none were allowed inside. Though I still cherish my programme and CD to this day.
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There's also a leaflet specifically for Crescend'O here: ... s-leaflet/

It's a shame it couldn't have been developed more into something like the larger Cirque du Soleil shows at other resorts, an alternative for the Wild West Show. Maybe the market wasn't there.


To be honest Ant, there was not that huge a difference between the scale of a Cirque performance and Crescend'O, that was more in the perception. If Cirque Du Soliel is 100% on the scale, this show was probably about an 80 or 85.
since 2001 (many before that)