What's your favourite thing ?

Started by _Natalie_x, April 30, 2010, 11:17:57 PM

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The music all around, thats what gets to me everytime, too. I like sitting on a bench and looking all around.
And of course the first sight of the castle, walking down Main Street...
And watching my daughter interact with the characters. That changed a lot since our first visit 3 years ago.Then she stood just next to them, the year after she "dared" to touch one, and the kast two times she started to hug them, giving them kissess. Especially with Stitch she went mad.Can` t count how many times she hugged him. And went mad seeing Angel on stage. Seeing her, she turned around to me and said with a really serious, stern voice, she would do everything to get an autograph of her...


I agree with Aurora, the music is the one main thing which is absorbing you once you enter one of the parks. It's a very special, as you all know magic atmosphere we're entering. An own world itself. What I love to see are all the happy and smilin' faces, no matter what gender, religion or skin colour the people have. It's just like a peaceful world, far away from all the bad news and catastrophes happening all over the world.


The whole package. Coming on here, as we begin to plan our next trip-reading other peoples reoprts, getting ideas of what to ride when, meet n greets, where to eat, where to stay. Getting sweaty plams at the thought of building up the courage to ride RNRC :lol: Getting excited planning what clothes to take, putting pennies in the jar for a little extra spendies-€100 so far :) Then driving up and seeing DLH and TOT before you even get to the roundabout. Then the walk through the gates and looking up Main Street to the castle.
Meeting much loved characters, seeing my kids eyes light up - even at 7 and 15 it brings a tear to my eye to see their faces.
And of course POTC and BTM! :)

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Quote from: "Mr_B"I gotta admit - as ppl have said it's the overall experience and seeing it through my childrens eyes ;-)
That feeling of walking onto main street and i know i'm home  :D


That pretty much sums it up.  No matter how long or difficult the journey has been, as soon as I get to Disney I just feel myself completely relax and I feel totally at home.  It is just pure magic and I love everything little thing about it.
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Quote from: "mommy2ash"honestly for me it is the overall experience rather than any one thing. if it had to be one thing it would be seeing it all through my 3 year olds eyes. it is all real to her and of course on each trip there are those moments where your eyes well up. i first took her at 22 months. i had showed her pics and videos before we went and she fell in love with the castle. she fell asleep in the taxi there and didnt wake till we were in main st facing the castle. she looked up eyes wide open and just said oh wowwwwwww. i could have gone home there and then and the trip would have been worth it lol.

So true mommy2ash, I can't articulate what I love but Ben's reaction, his willingness to wait in line for ages to meet the characters and the look on his face when he sees Mickey, make the magic sparkle that little bit more. They have pitched it to appeal to all ages and to the kid in all of us.


For me as well it is the overall experience.... I have been to WDW and Disneyland, CA many times; however, my first trip to DLP wasn't until last year (and I have now been 4 times! LOL).  The thing that I love most about DLP is how immersive it is compared to the other parks.  Adventureland actually feels adventurous.  In Frontierland you don't have other things intruding into its frontier feel.  Fantasyland feels like something from a fairy tale.  Discoverland doesn't feel like a 1970s sci fi movie.

I love all the Disney parks and the "Magic Kingdom style" parks are my favorite... I love them all... but DLP is far and away my favorite.
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After being surprised at how DLP is looking at the moment,I wanted to post the things that are looking bad or not working I gave up because it was too much to remember,I decided that Captain Jack Sparrow is real fun in front of POTC.He is so good and had everyone laughing every time we went by.I did notice though that his appearence is not as good as when this meet and greet started,his makeup not being as perfect and he had clean finger nails :-(.He still looked good though .


Watching the sun go down in frontierland, seeing the 'Main Street USA Disneyland Paris' sign when you go in, being in the park early before the crowds arrive, a relaxing ride on the steamboats, breakfasts at the hotels, the atmosphere before and during fantillusion and the immersive environment.
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Hi, my favourite is also everything.  From the adverts on the television to getting into the park.  Once my holiday is booked as soon as an advert comes on the tele i just get so excited i feel i will burst.
  Then driving to the park and actually getting there just overwhelmed with excitement.  I go every year during the christmas season and find it truely magical and theres not a place like it.
  Once in the park all sense of reality seems to dissappear and i'm in the most enchanting world i could ever be in.  I love the music, Listening to it in the car and i get excited, love the parades , the shows and the rides.   The whole package is truely magical.  At 43 the experience never gets old and makes me feel like a 5 year old, dancing round the park


The best feeling is walking down Main Street with the sun shining during EMH.

Did I say walking? I meant skipping along to a jolly tune :D
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The magical feeling!!! and since last month, my daughters' faces whenever they met a character!!! definitely will go back in 2-3 years for the 5th time!
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Getting my tickets through the post today reminded me of two other things.

- Going up in the Disney lift at Ashford (I live in Ashford so I pass that lift too often - it's a tease!). Makes me feel like the holiday has properly started.

- Seeing all the excited kids on the Eurostar. It just makes you grin.
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Quote from: "claire2281"- Seeing all the excited kids on the Eurostar. It just makes you grin.

I love this too, really makes me feel happy :D