'Mother banned from Disneyland for dressing as princess'

Started by Anthony, April 20, 2010, 08:29:16 PM

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Quote from: "nicoledlrp"the lady in question did telephone in advance and was told that it was ok to come in her dress.

If that is the case, then she has a case for a complaint. If not, it is a story out of nothing.

I expect the policy is to prevent confusion between the public and CM. From the picture, I doubt this would be the case, but they have to stick to the policy.


I cannot imagine she called DLP and was actually told that she could go into the parks dressed as a princess. Either they really did not understand her, or they thought she was referring to her little girl, or she did not understand the answer.

I would love to be able to dress up like a princess and walk around the park like that (though it might not be very comfortable on some rides...) but I fully understand their policy. It would create confusion.

Though apparently, you are allowed to dress up in Tokyo?


In the Mail they quote "The only things I had left were what I'd worn the night before so I had to go into the park wearing dirty clothes." Yeah, right. So she's travelling home in this old wedding dress?

It's a shame if DLP do have this rule enforced for all adults, but maybe Mickey ears are enough.


maybe she had her own personal fairy godmother to perk up the dirty clothes for her journey home in her pumpkin.


I get the point, about it creating confusion. I'd never get the idea to go dressed up on a regular day, birthday or no birthday :lol:

For MNSSHP you are allowed to dress up. Although my brother and I drew quite some attention in our outfits then too, since there weren't many adults who decided to dress up.


I find it very hard to answer this because I understand why adults are not allowed to wear costumes, as it confuses people (especially if the adult was to dress as a character) and for child safety mainly - so that a dressed up adult couldn't lure a child away!

However it is sad that adults can't dress up as children can, Disney parks were designed for both adults and children to enjoy but yet adults can't have the same enjoyment of dressing up as children - only when disney feel they can break the rule at halloween parties. Unfortunately we live in a world were adults are often not allowed to do things that children can enjoy but thats life I guess, adults even have to fork out more per ticket lol! :roll:

At the end of the day we as adults have to be happy with minnie/mickey ears, or a disney hat etc but we can accessorize  :D  I like wearing Disney t-shirts and stuff so I get enjoyment of expressing myself that way and I have been known to wear minnie ears and stitch ears before hehe!

I think he dress looks pretty awful actually anyway :oops:  :oops:  :oops: I wouldnt call her a princess in it lol! She didn't do anythin extremely wrong, it was just unfortunate for her to have not found out if it was ok in advance but it didn't really cause a major problem.
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Completely justified. She wasn't banned. Just asked to change because you're ruining Disneyland. Alot of other people ruin Disneyland anyway. Without wearing a princess style dress.


I encounted a similar situation in October 2008 when I went with my drama academy.
we went over halloween so everyone decided to dress us on the last day.. not knowing of any rules obviously !
A chaperone with us who was about 23 was dressed in a witch dress.. and although she wasnt stopped at the gates.. in the park she was asked to leave and change back at the hotel.

Also maybe abit too far on the disney rules front.. my sister was dressed as superman (randomly) she had a superman tshirt on and a yellow cape. at the gates she was asked to remove the cape and to change her tshirt because of the logo, its only when my mum argued that it was a tshirt she'd wear in general days and not a costume that she was allowed to keep it on.. but they were still not happy about her wearing it !

Maybe the rules should be more obvious like on a page on the website or something? :lol: im sure theres some other stuff like this people won't know about until they experience at which point its too late !  :?
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i think that the rules should be more clear on this. they should be more widely known. while as someone who knows a lot about dlp it seems like common sense to not have adults dress up in the park i can see how someone who is not a fan or is a first time visitor might not think of it.

i have seen on other forums where people think that you should be allowed to dress up but honestly i think it is best as it is right now. costumes can hide who a person is, what they look like, depending on the costume a riot could start with people looking for pics and autographs. disney need to protect its brand, they cant have people who others assume are employees behaving in certain ways in the park. also i would worry about safety of children, it is best to have it clearly defined who is safe to approach and who is not.

i think the article is very misleading, the woman was not banned and there was nothing wrong with her dd dressing up. i think it is very sensationalized. i dont believe for one minute she rang and was told yes you can dress up and i also dont believe she went on a 3 day holiday with nothing but that dress and the clothes she travelled in.
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I think the only time adults are allowed to dress as characters is the Halloween Party nights - and then the small print says you are not allowed to pose for photos or sign autographs.  

As for the burly security, I did have one ask to see my annual pass when I'd gone through the park entrance once.  I guess they do that to make sure you are the person on the pass
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