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Started by Kristof, February 23, 2009, 05:14:58 PM

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The Butlin Boy

Another thing that could do with improving; the queue for Crush's Coaster. For this, they would extend the building fa├žades along to the back and along the back of the undercover queue. It would form one building, with a sign on it reading 'Welcome to Sydney Aquarium' in the old fashioned, warn style of the others. You'd enter through a door under this sign and there would be a winding queue in front of a large tank (screen) and numerous gags from the film. In the tank would be Crush and Squirt interacting with the guests, using the technology from Turtle Talk from the American parks. They would talk to the people in the queue like Mr Potato Head in Toy Story Mania in the States. One would speak French and the other English. You'd exit the 'aquarium' through another door, and rejoin the queue into the main building :)

The Butlin Boy

Sorry to double post, but I've just had some more ideas as to how to improve Crush. They could include either an animatronic or just a simple model of Marlin and Dory opposite the Angler Fish in the ride. They'd only need one (unlike the angler fish which there are two of), and would like the following picture:

They could also add an animatronic Crush at the end of the ride (where the current projection is), and a couple of sea turtles from the film (again, animatronics wouldn't be necessary for this, just simple models) swimming through the Coaster section; above and around you to make it a bit more visual. :)


Nice Idea Butlin :)

Also i 100% agree with you there RnRCj.  Disney characters aren't for IASW, i'd say that's one of the reasons i like it so much.  Something different, the likes of Mickey, Donald, Goofy etc wouldn't fit into IASW well i think, even though it has already been done, let's hope it never comes to Paris [-o<

Anyway going back on topic one thing i'd love to see is the attraction posters at the front of Studio 1 back (if we ever get a proper Studio 1 again :roll: ), along with a few new ones (ToT, Crush etc).  I thought it was a nice little touch and much nicer to look at than the Enchanted poster which was on every single slide :roll:
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I dont know if it is just me but maybe a second pre-show room for RNRRC and this could help with the que's?

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I think alices curious labryinth could have some plussinglike trying to expand the queens castle so it is less crowded and maybe put in some more of the characters from the film.
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