Do you miss "De La Terre A La Lune"?

Started by Anthony, January 25, 2006, 12:42:05 AM

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Mission 2 is amazing and all, but now that we're edging around to its first anniversary, so you ever miss it, even just a little bit?  Maybe you just miss the music, or the poster... or the strangely coloured UV-painted trains?  :)   Or maybe you do miss it, but you just think that we need to accept that it's history and be glad that Mission 2 is fun?

Anyway, take a look at the old poster, and then decide:

Do you?  :o


Are you mad of course I miss it, it was my favourite of all things ever, as I was once called space mountainer on some forums, now I don't care as much since Mission2 I love but I dunno it lacks that certain authentic story Verne placed into a big metalic mountain :wink: .  The music was so magically fantastic, even now I can't stop listening to it, the trains oh retroness :) , ain't that just what Discoveryland was once made up of :D , even the queue I miss, I loved hearing all the screams, now the screams have gone you cannot see your fait it is a shame, sadly we have to move onwards.  As one great visionary believed, whatever one can believe, one can concieve and I believe Disneyland Resort Paris has tried to show this by making the next mission to the sun, aka a solaires, but I dunno I miss de la terre a la lune, but I do love the new version, so complicated to write in words how I feel about the change.


Oh yes, I miss de la terre à la lune.  They had a small poster of it at the One Man's Dream attraction at MGM Studios.   Made me sad when I saw it.   :cry:


I think the main thing I missed during my last visit was the area music.  All that wonderful, beautiful music that they just stopped playing for no reason!!  I can understand them wanting to give Mission 2 a new identity, but I think that awesome music still had a place there.

It'd be much better to put in some music which doesn't *quite* fit with the new theme rather than keep the non-existant area music they've had since April 9th 2005....  *grumbles*


Now that's a reason I take fastpass everytime I ride Space Mountain Mission2, not once have I been through the normal queue, can't face going through the starway and there not being a window into the mountain and no music :( .


I actually quite like the noises they have in the mountain section of the queue.  It really builds up tension, and makes it seem like you're walking through some kind of exploranaut testing facility.  They should have the proper orchestral music when you get to the Gun Club rooms though...

I think it's the silence of the path between Autopia and HISTA that I hate the most.  :(


carrying on from that closed topic, if you liked the music from DLTALL its on the tomorrowland loop in california, not sure about florida
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Quotenot sure about florida

No, it's not at Florida.  :(


Floridas sm barely has any music just vocals - that includes the screems lol
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I do miss "De la Terre a la Lune" a lot. It always was my most prefered attraction in the entire Resort. Space Mountain: Mission 2 is still great, but for some reason I do miss the vibe of the old version. I can't put my finger on it but they ripped out the heart of the attraction by replacing the storyline and above all the onboard soundtrack. The problem with this revamped ride is that you can compare because there "has been a mission before the current one". If SM:M2 was built this way in 1995, I guess not many people would have complained.