Phantom Manor restaurant

Started by DopeyDad, March 07, 2010, 07:22:04 PM

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As a spin off from the TSPL thread, lets get ideas for Phantom Manor, The Restaurant going.
What do you think,, name? menu? theming ideas?


Oh that'd be pretty awesome.

It would be really cool if they would make up funny sort of creepy names for dishes and decorate it in a Wild West (to stick with the Thunder Mesa theme) meets Tim Burton theme.


I personally don't like the idea of a Phantom Manor.
The new Mystic Manor resteraunt I think is a fantastic idea, but I can't see it fitting in with the DLRP Frontierland. And yet, with the bags of backstory that out Phantom Manor has, I think it has some potential. Although how would It tie in? Would Henry Ravenswood own a Nescafe?! :D ;)