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Started by Columbiad, February 28, 2010, 07:24:19 PM

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I've heard alot about the planned (and postphoned) 'theatre-land' placemaking concept for Production Courtyard, and, after coming home from a trip in New York, I was inspired... mwhahahah!

This is my concept for a 'Broadway Plaza', to replace Production Courtyard. Let me talk you through the features...

(Click here for bigger version: //http://lh4.ggpht.com/_y64qgOvp0Hk/S4qxdpAXZyI/AAAAAAAAALQ/XQO_ekbA_Ik/broadway%20plaza%20copy.jpg)

- A brand new Broadway theatre, similair to the Hyperion Theatre at DCA, that shows a Broadway style show. Either a condensed version of the Broadway's Mary Poppins, Lion King, or Tarzan, or perhaps the Aladdin musical from DCA. The theatre would be styled inside to ressemble the New Amsterdam theatre in NYC (Disney's Broadway theatre): //http://www.timessquarenyc.org/then_now/images/theatre_newAmsterdam.jpg
- A huge new facde, styled like Time Square, with huge 1930's billboards, animated screens and adverts for Disney's films and park attractions, and complete with a skyline of Downtown New York, with the Chrysler Building, Empire State and Grid Iron building.
- New signage and facades for Playhouse Disney and Stitch Live!.The new Stitch Live! sign would feature Stitch himself swinging from the sign pole, and his infamous 'red one' spaceship crashed into the building behind him.
- New trees (yaayy!), bushes (yaayy!) and general landscaping (yaayyy!)
- Place des Stars would be repainted to fit the colour scheme, and would also host a new film award ceremony show each evening before the park closes.

So Disney-luvvas - what do you think?


Great ideas!
It would be great if this was built.
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

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Looks amazing! It would fit perfectly in the studios! I just don't like the 'poster' in the back. The studios has a lot of them and it's not really working out so well, so maybe you could leave that out and make the buildings in the back in 3D, like the Hollywood Boulevard buiuldings ;)
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The Butlin Boy

For a while now I've wondered what should be done to this area to improve it - I think I've seen what it really needs now! Columbiad your idea here is absolutely brilliant and is absolutely spot-on perfect for the area. I genuineyl love every little bit about it; the Cinemagique spotlights, the broadway theatre, the backdrop with the theatrical moon the advertisement screens, the Playhouse Disney entrance, the crashed Stitch ship (which would produce some cool smoke effects I hope :wink: )  and the Idea for the Stitch Live entrance too (is there a deliberate nod to King Kong with the Stitch sign there - he's from New York afterall! :P )

Genuinely a huge well done, one of the best designs I've seen for the park =D>

How long before someone comments that they should have done this instead on Toy Story Playland? :roll:  :wink: