Production Courtyard Retheme!

Started by lil-shawn, February 17, 2010, 03:53:22 PM

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Hey ya,
today i will present you a more detailed version of my idea for a retheme of
production courtyard. i still think that just putting in new attractions donĀ“t make
this park better. all it need is a storyline and theming and of course great attractions.
with this area or land we travel back in time, when walt disney animation started and
got really succesfully.

This is production courtyard how it looks today:

and this is how it could look after the retheming:

now the whole area will look 1000times better than now. the name of the land is
Hyperion Studios or Disney Bros Plaza. it will have a little shop,
where you can buy mickey and minnie in black & white, as plushes, figurines, snowglobes ect. lets say
stuff themed to the disney black & white cartoons.
in the middle building we have the disney art gallery, and this is also the que line for the big attraction of
this land. the attraction itself will sit on the big building on the right side.

QuoteThe Great Disney Animation Ride
This ride will have an ride system like the one they have for snow white and pinoccio. The vehicles
will be themed like a brush or a pen. 6 people can be transported per vehicle.

You enter the disney gallery where you can see pictueres of disney movies, some of them are
animated so you can see little scenes of one of the movies. then you enter the loading station,
the whole room is themed like a room where an cartoonist work.
you step into your vehicle, then the ride starts. after a curve you stop in front of a giant drawing board.
(it will be a big screen) a big pencil begins to draw mickey beside of a big door. then magically mickey comes
to live and opens the door for us. the whole scene should take not more than 20sec.

After we drive trhough the door, we come to the first 2 movie scenes of the attraction. Plane Crazy and Steam boat willy. The backround will be also a huge screen where you see the moving land or sky or whatever, and in front of the screen will be audioanimatronics and big models of the set. after we done those 2 scenes we come to
the first golden age of disney animation, movies like snow white, cinderella, sleeping beauty, jungle book, dombo, fantasia, pinoccio will be shown here. also here we will have the same technic like in the first scene.
after we done the first golden age of disney animation we come to a dark part of the ride, here will be special created animations will be shown, because of the loss of walt disney.
then we move ahead to the second golden age of disney animation with movies like, the little mermaind, beauty and the beast, lion king ect. at the end of the attraction we stop again in front of a big drawing board, here the pancil will draw again but this time little scenes of the newest disney movie like princess and the frog or the upcoming
tangled (Rapunzel). then tinkerbell will come and put on some dust and a door apears and we come back to the loading station.

now we come to the left side of the building, here you enter the Disney Animation, where you can find The art of disney animation show, Stitch live and the beauty and the beast libarary. here are three little videos of it.
also the drawing workshop will be held here, so kids can have a lot of fun and learn a lot about disney
hope you like it, an if you have any ideas for it or would like to change something, feel free to post it...


I would love it if they did retheme the production courtyard. I think the focusing on the classic disney fims is great because they are not shown as much as the newer films. It would be great if you could meet classic minnie and mickey. Great ideas.
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1:


Love the idea!
It would make the studios so much better and like a classic Disney Park!
Just awesome man!
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