Not happy at all at 'wake up call' change....

Started by Martyn, January 30, 2010, 12:52:22 PM

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Quote from: "Martyn"Nicolai, Goofy had always woke me up  at the Seqouia and Hotel New York. Never stayed in any other hotel.

QuoteI was just there a couple of days ago and its now Mickey Mouse waking people up so they've just changed the character it seems

Thats great news, but what hotel was that Helygenc?

Hotel Cheyenne, I'm guessing it'll be the same throughout the other hotels?


I hope so! Goofy used to do them all, so hopefully Mickey will too!

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Well, we had wake up calls at all Disney hotels but Camp Davy Crockett and we only had Goofey at the Disneyland Hotel, and in January 2010 not even there. In fact it was quite inconsistent what or who would wake you up. Sometimes it was a machine and sometimes Someone at the reception.

Maybe they had the same system in all hotels and it failed over ti
e and they had to replace it with something else?


Years ago I thought it was Mickey Mouse who used to be the wake up call ,so may be its gone back to the original !


So whats the latest with the wake-up calls? Who's doing it now?



In December 2010 at HNY, the Wake-Up call was provided by Goofy.


Quote from: "Martyn"So what the hell happened to Goofy waking up in your hotel room?

I thought that you meant he'd stayed the night  :lol:  :lol:

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Quote from: "Nicolai"By the way, I have a mild ocd that forces me to try collect, photograph and record everything related to Disneyland Paris. So, of course I have that Goofy wake up call:  :-"

Wow Niocolai that's one of the coolest OCD's I've ever heard of. You woudnt have recorded any Frontierland music would you? It more specifically the music there with a take on the "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" music.
Cos I live it and I can't find it anywhere.
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Lol, all the fussed I kicked up about the wake-up call change, and desperately wanting to know what its like now, and our wake up call button wasn't working!lol So we had to use our mobile's! :lol:

Pretty gutted though to be honest, as its a very magical touch we missed out on.


If its of interest to anyone, in November 2010 it was Mickey who woke us up! My mum would groan when the phone rang and go "girls one of you speak to Mickey, I'm too tired!"
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