Rescuers Swamp Buggy Adventure

Started by Scissorsboi, January 29, 2010, 06:12:38 PM

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Ok, so with all of the new Pixar characters in the parks I thought that it'd be nice to put a new attraction into Adventureland which was a bit of a blast from the past! With The Rescuers being the only Disney Classic to have a sequel made as a Classic too, I thought it'd be a perfect 'alternative' film to use.

I know that our Adventureland is so different to the other parks with it's beautiful setting, but I've always found that you do all of the discovering caves, bridges etc, and never realy find anything worthwhile at the end of it all, I've also thought that whilst it's nice to have the water everywhere, some of it looks like it's just a bit extra/wasted space. So I've combined the two and used the Aquatopia technology. I've always wanted to add a new attraction into Adventureland, so this is my idea!

Rescuers Swamp Buggy Adventure is a fun ride which recreates the swamp chase scene from The Rescuers, you board your swamp buggy in the old boathouse (modelled similar to the Jungle Cruise station at WDW, and matching Colonel Hathi's in colour), and then are whisked out on the water on a fast, spinning, out of control journey around Madame Medusa's swamp narrowly avoiding alligators and tree roots, exploding swamp bubbles and of course a final encounter with Madame Medusa herself in her swamp cabin. The swamp theme adds a nice, smooth, blend between the Indiana Jones adventure feel, and the more traditional Colonel Hathi's style.

Here's a quickly made map based on one half of the Aquatopia ride area (I believe the ride is doubled for capacity there, but there's no room here for both circuits without destroying the beautiful Adventure Isle activites, so I chose to make that sacrifice).

The light brown area is the queueline (it's around the same size as the Indiana Jones one)
The dark brown area is the station area (the buggies move through constantly, so the queue in theory should be relatively constant).
The faded path area is just to show how the ride can be connected to the existing paths.
The red area at the back is the final moment with Madame Medusa, the parks newest (and worlds first Madame Medusa) audio animatronic, the buggies spin towards the shack, and she flings open the windows to tell the riders to get off of her swamp.

I know it's not going to be for everyone, it's ANOTHER character ride (I tried to be more inventive with the companies back catalogue), and it's going in one of our most creative areas. But I've tried to make it an attraction which doesn't take away the body of water, and adds some movement to what I've always seen as a slightly flat area. It also has multiple viewpoints from in Adventureland so it'll really come across as a visually impressive attraction!

What does everyone think?
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Looks wonderful!
Would really like to see this attraction in DLP´s Adventureland, since I´m a great fan of the Rescuers ;)

Would love to see more of this!
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wow that is great. i have always thought as more for firsts, dlp should go for the more unknown films. this film needs to be at dlp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quote from: "peter"wow that is great. i have always thought as more for firsts, dlp should go for the more unknown films. this film needs to be at dlp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree whole heartedly, more rides are needed that reflect more of the traditionally good (and often forgotten DIsney movies). This would a great ride.

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Personally, I never liked the Rescuers that much, but this would still be a fun ride to have. However, I'd like to see the park make use of the grassy area behind Indiana Jones. It's currently used to give people on the train something to look at, but I think that more could be done with it. Having three rides in this corner of Adventure Land would really make the land more popular, but without making the other areas like the caves too busy.
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