My Disneyland Sketches

Started by JelleP, February 22, 2010, 08:17:10 PM

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Hi everybody!

I've made some sketches for future Disneyland attractions (wheter Paris or not ;)...)
For now I've only scanned my sketch for 'Up, the house that soared' but I've many more!

For updates (and other stuff) stay tuned and check my website :D
Here we go;

It's Carls house with a big rock-structure in the back (to hide the building where the ride is).
I've not decided what kind of ride it's going to be, so please make your suggestions!

[size=120]"Most men, they\'ll tell you a story straight through. It won\'t be complicated, but it won\'t be interesting either."[/size]

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Real good sketch there JelleP, keep up the good work..  :)

Just incase you didn't know there is already an existing thread for 'Original Disney Fan Artwork' >>



i love the drawing way cool please do more keep the imagination flowing


It looks quite nice :)