National Tresure - The Ultimate Ride!

Started by lil-shawn, January 12, 2010, 10:58:48 AM

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Hey folks,
as i told you in my last post, i worked now almost 4 days on this idea, but it is far from perfect, but good enough to post it for the disney fandom  :) This post will get long, but the story and the idea behind it is great i think.
lets start with a few informations.

QuoteTrack Info
Attraction Type -  Steel Coaster
The National Treasure coaster uses Linear Induction Motors (LIM), a technology used to launch riders from a near-standstill to 45 mph (72,4km/h) within 2 seconds.
Length - 1800ft (548,6m)
Ride Duration - ca. 2 minutes
Vehicles - 6 x 16 persons
capacity - 2400 pph
On Board Sound System.

QuoteFront Facade Description
The Building who has the attraktion inside will look like a brickstone  Warehouse, with 4 big Windows. In the middle of the building we have a great white Museum Entrance with 4 pillars and a lot of details and ornaments. On the two sides of the warehouse building we have Brickstone city houses, who are 1 story taller than the Warehouse. It should look like, as the museum is in the middle of two Houses!

I have to say that am still working on this project, trying right now to draw some stuff from the entrance and all the rooms in this building. But maybe they will be never shown here cuz this will be my last project for a while i post here. Whatever, lets go to the story, enjoy reading it and hope you guy´s like it. Have fun!!

QuoteNational Treasure The Ultimate Ride - The Story!

Back Story
Baron Howard Richardson, member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A.). He´s also a Competitor with Harrison Hightower III and Lord Henry Mystic.
After decades of searching artifacts and hidden treasures from around the world, Baron Howard Richardson, bought a warehouse in the New York Streets. In 1918, he came up with an idea to make a Museum out of his big warehouse, to show everyone his collected treasures. It will take him 2 years of planing and rebuilding of the Warehouse.
In 1920 after two years of planing and hard work, Baron Howard Richardson will open his Museum for the Puplic. One day befor the opening, Baron Howard Richardson gave an interview to the lokal press. He says: "i´m very proud of all the workers, who have done a very nice job. Also am very happy to share my treasures with the people of New York Streets. The Richardson Institute of Artifacts will open its gates to the puplic, and on this special day i will present all of you my newest artifact". On the Opening day, many photographers, people from the lokal press and radio stations joining the big event.

Museum Entrance and Press Room
You enter the Attraction quee line at the Museum entrance. When your inside the building, you will see a big Museum lobby (forced perspective)with an iformation stand, a staircase to the second floor and a few artifacts, also you will see dors who leads you to the different corridors of the Museum. The lobby is roped off, so that you will walk to the Press Room on the right side (short version, the quee line is complete through the lobby), to see the presentation of the new found artifact.
After you entered the press Room, the dors will close and the curtain will open. Now you see Baron Howard Richardson (audioanimatronic) who will schow you his new found artifact. He says: "Ladys and Gentleman, welcome to the Opening Ceremonie of the Richardson institute of artifacts. On this special Day i will present you the panel of the Aztec god Mictlantecuhtli, the god of death. My reserchers believe that this will be the map in written form to the Temple of the God". The Panel will rise up from the flor and will get a special lightning, so every one can see it. After the panel is visible for every one Baron Richardson says: " Now ladys and Gentleman, i will read and translate the hieroglyphics of the panel. Lets see what it will tell us. These are the inscriptions of the god Mictlantecuhtli the god of death. To arrive at the temple of Mictlan, you need to soak the panel with your own blood. then the God will reward you and will open the doors of the temple for you".
The Baron scratches in the finger and soaks the panel with his blood.Then the panel begin to glow in red and the lights of the press room gets dimmed. In the background you hear some dark laughter, and the floor of the presentation stage gets foggy. A light wind goes through the room, and it starts to flash and thunder. And then silence in the room, the lights go on again and the Baron and the Panel are gone. A door on the left hand site opens and you come into the next part.

Storage Room
Now you leaving the press room and go to the starage room. This room, you normaly won´t see, but after the mysterious dissapearing of the baron, the front door don´t open anymore. the room will look like how the wearhouse was looking befor its transvormation. Here you see a lot of wooden boxes, some artifacts that didn´t make it into the Museum, broken schowcases. In the background you still hear the dark laughter. Some artifacts, look like they were alive, on the brickstone wall you see blood written hieroglyphics (they appear and disapear after a few seconds). At the end of the room is another door, this one is open and will lead you into the next room.

Loading Area
You are now back on one of the regular Museum rooms, nice surroundings and artifacts. Well it will be not so nice, cause this room is cursed. Moving boxes with artifacts that wanna get out, bluddy eyes on the wall from the aztec god and a dark laughter. You enter the Museum tour Vehicle (4x4 persons). Then you hear the Baron again "welcome Ladys and Gentleman, to the Museum Tour. Please keep your hands, rms, feets  and legs inside the vehicle and don´t touch the artifacts (dark laughter again). The vehicle will have a on board sound system, to mach the music with its surroundings. The Journey begins, we´re entering now slowly the.....

.....Greco - Roman Room
Paintings and statues come to life as well as the giant urn that starts to shake as the chariots on the painting come to life and start racing along the urn's surface. The journey goes ahead slowly wit the.....

.....Egyptian Room
Here you see a lot of Treasures from the Tomb of Tutankhamun and other relicts from the old egypt. A dark Voice says: "how about mummys come to live"? then Fire comes out of the Torches on the wall and mummys along the track come to live. And then the vehicle stop in front of the sarcophagus of an egypt king. The door opens and a mummy (audioanimatronic) comes to live and says: "You have the rest of the pharaoh disturbed, now your life is ending". He moves forward and the vehicle get shot backwards into the first fast Coaster section, with twist and turns. You see projected mummys follow you. Then the vehicle comes to another stop. Now we are in the.....

.....Cinese Room
As the Mystic energy roams this room of Chinese relics, guests will start feeling gusts of wind and see the the Chinese paintings in the background come to life as though the characters in the paintings are being blown by the wind. And then befor the Cinese Statue will hit you, the vehicle gets shot again out of the room (this time forward) into the next fast coaster section. Here you will see different relicts will come to life and try to get you. Then the vehicle slows down and you enter the.....

.....Aztec Room
As you enter the Aztec room, there is a giant statue coming to live. Also all the artifacts on the wall will come to live too. The statue says: "now its your turn to visit the temple of death". At the end of the room you see a aztec temple, with a big entrance. You drive into it and you come to the.....

.....Unload Area
Here you see Baron Howard Richardson, he is laughing and says: "I hope you enjoyed our Museum tour and my little show, i would be glad to see you again".
Then you exit through a Museum Souvenier Shop, here you can buy stuff seen from the ride, also onride photos. You also come to the Adventurers Club Restaurant. If you step out of the door, your back inNew York Streets at the Walt Disney Studios.

Great idea and some very good work you have done here.

I love how it combines the best of many attractions such as for instance Indiana Jones Adventure, The Mummy, Mystic Manor and of course the ultimate roller coaster.

I would probably not go on the ride, but I would be angered at my self for not daring it ;)

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Like it!
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The Butlin Boy

Fantastic work lil-shawn, I'm very impressed with your idea. Like Nicolai said, I love how it has in a way combined a number of dfferent ride ideas together to make a really cool design. The only thing I'd change is the name; I don't think it sounds right the way it is, but everything else is on the right track, especially for the Studios :)


Thanks for you responds and very nice comments. When i was working on this i said myself every time
take from the best and make it better  :lol:  and i think a few things have to be changed and then it will be
the ultimate ride for the studios.

Yeah you right buttlin boy the name dosent make any sense, it was just the working title, because i was working on a ride based on the movie but then i came up with this and the name i was keeping.
[strike:2ktryjm5]Now after weeks i got a new name for the ride, and a few changes but this i will post later because am working on a little visual of the outdor theming and the logo.[/strike:2ktryjm5]

And here is the new Logo!

The new Name of the attraction will be Mystery Museum and i did a little radio spot, but in written form, i think it could be more, but for the first time i did this, i think it works really well.. What du you think?

QuoteNew York 1920th
The richardson institute of artifacts opens its doors, but things go wrong!
The visitors disappear and not come back again.
Now your time has come, to challenge your fears of darkness and speed.
I welcome you in the Mystery Museum.
Now at Disneyland Paris

so if anyone have a few ideas he wanna share please post them.