Disney's Hollywood Spectacular - Coming 2011

Started by SM:M3, January 09, 2010, 12:51:05 PM

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Well, that looks wonderfull!
I think DLP will do a great job by just do this thing only at the WDS, like at WDW where they do this with Epcot!
It would be great if DLP will do this, but it's still a home-imagineering project...  :roll:
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Great idea SM:M3, I'd like to see this happen. Not only would it allow fro some more placemaking around the Studios, but it also brings more Hollywood to the Studios AND gives the Disneyland Park a break for a year. Fantastic job, well done =D>




That's a brilliant idea, it solves a lot of the WDS issues, such as lack of a true nighttime spectacle, plus it'd hopefully ease the crowds for Fantillusion a little. I especially love the idea of a black and white party train! It'd be a fantastic excuse for Paris to get a Steamboat Willy Mickey costume which is used in Fantasmic, which is by far my favourite style of Mickey - classic and black and white!

Maybe with an event like this they could introduce some form of props walkthrough too based off of their latest film. I know they're nothing groundbreaking attraction wise, but it's something which is seriously missing from the movies park!
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Interesting to know... The Year of Hollywood was at one time considered to match the opening of Tower of Terror, but was replaced in the end by "The Celebrations Continues"... :-)