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Started by cap'njack, December 04, 2008, 03:47:04 PM

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I've done the same with Adventureland :goodvibes  :D  

1 - Aladdin Show
2 - Aladdin Darkride
3 - Splash Mountain

The Butlin Boy

Another great idea, especially an Aladdin dark ride, it could be great. Thanks for sharing :)  =D>


isn't splash mountain meant to be in frontierland? I reckon they should do a jungle area where 3 is and put in indiana jones adventure and jungle cruise


Jungle Cruise & The Lion King dark ride should be in Adventureland.
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i say bring out the old concept´s of this fantastic idea...
we already have the coaster, so they just need to add the rest.

Indiana Jones and the Lost Expedition : A huge complex designed to house the Indiana Jones Adventure as well as a mine cart roller coaster and part of the Jungle Cruise, with the Disneyland Railroad going through the middle.

also i think they schould bring this to adventureland too...

Pirates of Caribbean shooting gallery : similar to the Frontierland shooting gallery, but with a Pirate theming.


Splash Mountain is much more a Frontier land attraction then it is Adventure land.


Hey guy´s what do you think about the idea, to put a new theater
between colonel hattie´s pizza outpost and indian jones, and
put in a high quality Jungle book show? the show could have parts from
both movies, or just from the first one! i think it would fit perfectly
with the pizza outpost.

and between indiana jones and pirates the should bring all the stuff i listet
a few posts ago! this would be the perfect adventureland in my eyes...


Quote from: "Ice101"Splash Mountain is much more a Frontier land attraction then it is Adventure land.
Imagination has a use. Splash Mountain with a different Theming and... Voila!! You have an Adventureland version of Splash Mountain.


Splash Mountain with a Adventureland theming... Sounds interesting! But I still would like to see the Jungle Cruise and the Indiana Jones Adventure coming up in Adventureland.

The Aladdin dark ride is a little overdone in my opinion. DLP already has the Aladdin walkthrough and the Bazaar (which are wonderful ;)), so another Aladdin attraction is too much for just one park.

But DLP still hasn't got a Lion King attraction, so just change the Aladdin theme into a Lion King theme and viola: the perfect Adventureland... :D
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