Winds of Change - Idea for Hurricanes!

Started by Scissorsboi, December 25, 2009, 12:08:29 AM

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I've been to and through Village probably over 50 times now, and everytime I look at Hurricanes and see no appeal, so I thought maybe it's time for it to go - I know the closing of clubs is something which is big in Downtown Disney, and hated by most.

However, imagine what happens when you gut out the building down to a shell, take the stairs away and put a lift in instead. In the lower level where the hut and trees are now (also the stairs entrance), make this a row of ticket windows and there's a big space free for a new attraction to draw people into the Village who aren't going to the parks.

I suggest putting a version of Disney Quest in here, it wouldn't be as big as it's Downtown Disney cousin, but you'd be able to get at least the Virtual Jungle Cruise and Pirates games in, and then a room for free arcade, a nice café and gift shop on the exit. In my eyes there's always been an issue with the arcades which have been offered for users of the Village, and if they put in a disney branded, high tech, standout Arcade then there's plenty of room opened up in the old one for a nightclub, also making it's location a little more out the way, so that if families walk through in the day all they see are shops and cafés, and of course a big new arcade which all the kids want their parents to pay for them to go in!

Plus with the new area for a club, means they can add a new theme to it to match the new 'closer to World of Disney' location. Possibly some form of explorers theme, do it properly, the building would be a big glass fronted one which would look amazing at night with lights flashing in the windows and guests dancing. It'd have a few floors too, so there'd be room for a bar and quiet area, and a dancefloor above. Hurricanes as it is currently looks very run down and uncared for - it's stuck in the early 90's, and needs something doing to it, as I know I have no urge to visit again after my first time.

It's just a bit of blue sky thinking, but what does everyone else think of it? Is it possible? The only thing I'm unsure of is whether there's anything on the lower levels which couldn't be moved - I guess the kitchens for Rainforest may be in there?
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I agree Hurricane's needs to go as it just does not reflect what the Village stands for anymore. We enjoy the Village for its family dining and unique merchandise oportunity's. Surely with the agressive action taken by WDW execs in Orlando on Pleasure Island Hurricane's run is about to end.

I'm not keen on the idea of Disney Quest as that concept has failed in the past and appears to be on its last legs in Orlando.


The only reason I could see it failing in Orlando is that they charge $49 to use the arcade. When I can go to any other one and play a game for $1 there, I can see people's reluctance to go. If the price was more manageable (€15 or something), I can see it being a nice after meal activity to keep hotel guests occupied in the evenings. The actual concept of the arcade would be something new to Europe, so I think it'd have a good few years of popularity going for it.
"...keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things" - Walt.


The price shouldn't really be an issue for Orlando because most Guest have access to Disney Quest though the pack packages that are available for purchase. I think its more the lack of new interactive experiences that keep Guest away. Also hasn't the Village already got an arcade games venue ?


I'm sure the folks at NEX might have something to say about it as their venue with the IMAX was an attempt at this. I used to really have a lot of fun at Hurricanes before we had kids. Heck, I remember 10 years ago, there were 5 dance/live music venues in the Village/Hotel New York - man, I miss those days.
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