Fantillusion Parade Issues

Started by Daniel, January 17, 2010, 11:45:39 PM

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The Fantillusion parade seems to be having some audio issues at the moment and the show stop doesn't happen. Anyone know what was wrong?


Maybe they decided to do no show stop, but selected the wrong soundtrack for the parade?
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Poppy The Monkey

Yea, me and Jafar were working closely together this night on this funniest Fantillusion ever!

So, its Monday 4th Jan 2010, and Fantillusion starts normally at 19.05, but at 19.08 there is a huge power-cut at Parade Central, (backstage gallery - where the parades are controlled from) so they loose all power, computers go down, radios down, cameras down, and the signals which are normally sent to the floats are down too!!

It was -3 degrees on this night so the parade was planned to be "no show-stop" version, but the floats are programmed to run with 1 moving soundtrack and 1 showstop, so without the correct singals being sent to the floats, this is what they did! ... we ended up doing 8 showstops in 1 parade! :shock: