Re-imagineer the Disneyland Paris Entrance Gate

Started by Owain, December 03, 2009, 10:17:47 PM

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Im not saying that the Entrance gate needs improving because it isnt that bad but ive always thought it needed abit more Disney imagineering touch. Im not good at imagineering so i thought id ask everyone to share there views and designs of there new Entrance gate.

Turn this;

into......... :idea:


I actually like it very much the way it is — it feels iconic somehow. The genre might be described as "we're here!" architecture.

But it does need a little TLC. Hard to believe they still haven't removed the metal supports that once held up the word "Euro," or that they've never added the word "Paris."


One way to improve it at the moment would be take down the ugly Mickey's Magical Party emblems that have replaced the Castle artwork. Yes, our in-the-red, cash-strapped resort really spent money on doing that...

It possibly needs a repaint, though I'm not sure how bright those colours are meant to be.

As well as adding "Paris" they could incorporate some sense of WDS or the fact there are two parks...?


Quote from: "Anthony"As well as adding "Paris" they could incorporate some sense of WDS or the fact there are two parks...?

Thats what i was thinking even with the original castle artwork, theres no reference to disneys second park or the village. I know where not in WDW here who have serperate gates for each of there parks but surely they could make something wonderful out of it.

Looking at your recent souvenierland post, there is a model of the entrance gate.


Not much change accept for the resort name and the castle artwork.


I really like it, although give it a lick of paint (much like the rest of the park... ;))


I have to say I kind of like that entrance although I have never had the pleasure of actually going through it lol :P
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