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Started by NanookJackal, December 22, 2011, 04:54:17 PM

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Today i´ll present a Part of my Idea for a new Land and Frontierland & Adventureland Transition.

Here are some little Infos to warm you up for the big presentation in the next few days...

The new Land and Adventureland Expansion will get
4 new Attractions, 4 new Foodlokations & Snackbars,
2 new Shows, 3 new Shops, 1 Walkthrough,
1 kids Playground..!

At the end of 2013 the Frontierland Train Station, Cowboy Cook out, Colonel Hati, Woodys roundup, Chaperal Theatre,
Indian kids playground will get Demolished and the whole area is fenced off and cleard out. If everything is ready the construction of the new development can start in spring/ summer 2014 for a opening day on April 2017 for the 25 Aniversary.!

Some of you may like it some of you won´t, but thats fine and everybodys own opinion, it will have rides based on film franchizes, but it will also have rides not based on films, it will have copys from other parks and also new parts.
Thw whole new area has potential to grow and expand in the future.

So thats it for now, more to come in the next few days if am done with my visual map for it so that its not so hard to
explay where what will be  :mrgreen:

Oh and feel free to speculate what it could be, it would make even more fun hihi^^


Allright so here it is the complete presentation, first i thought i can do it firs in a few days, but i was wrong..!
First lets Start with everything new to come and at the end i will show you the map i tryed to do  :D

Maybe some of you guessed it allready, the new Land will be New Orleans Square, i think it would be the best land to put into this place and it also make some good sense as a transition between Frontierland and Adventureland..! I don´t explain right now where what is where i think the upcoming map at the end shows it good enough. If not just let me know it and i will explain it if wished...

The River of the Far Wes will get bigger so it will take the space between the River now and expand to Cowboy Cookout with a U turn so the boats can go from the old river part to the new one and back again. The Molly Brown will stay on the old route and the Mark Twain will use part of the old route and the new route.
In the Middle you will have an new Island also known as the Tom Sawyer Island, here you will find a Walk Throug with caves to explore, also a little Snack and Drink station in from of a little Farm house themed to the time period of the coddon industry.
Also a little heavily themed kids playground you will find there, so the youngest familymembers can have some fun too, like at Adventure Island.
When you come to the new River area you see a little building, this is the boarding Station for the little boat who transport you from the main land to the Tom Sawyer Island..!

New Orleans Square will host a big shop like the Emporium and also 2 little ones with special merchandise, a big Tableservice Restaurant you will find here as well, this is a replacement for the Cowboy Cookout.

The new e-ticket attraction for the City part is Song of the South, a Splash Mountain type of ride, just without the mountain  :lol:. Many say it is impossible to build the original Splash Mountain so i thought why not make a difference and put the whole ride Inside a Building, similar to PotC. This Attraction will still have its 3 Drops just not as High and splashy like the original. The Story will be the same. A new Train station will also be in New Orleans Square..!

The Second Attraction in New Orleans Square is Dr. Faciliers Voodoo Coaster,


The Second Attraction in New Orleans Square is Dr. Faciliers Voodoo Coaster. In the last corner at a alley from New Orleans Square will host Dr. Faciliers Voodoo Emporium, here you will enter the Attraction, the line will go under the Railroad tracks because the new Coaster is on the other side of the Railroad. This new Indoor Coaster is a Family ride from Zierer. The Special feature will be a Drop part. After a few seconds of the indor part you stop on a Hill and what happens then you will see in this little presentation...
After the Drop you see this..!

This friendly looking guy will open his mouth, a lot of smoke effect and light will come out of it and you start rolling into his mouth and boom your in the bayou for a few seconds of ride at the outside part.

At the River part of New Orleans Square you will get to see and Night entertainment Show, Kind of Fantasmic but way way different. It´s Called Disney Mardi Gras. Life performers are putting up a show on the Island, with party songs from the Disney movies, water screens, fountains, ligts and little pyro will also get used put will not be the main thing in the show, more the stage part...

At the Old Chaperal Theatre will be a little Bayou area with a little food lokation. Mama Odie´s will be on a Big Tree like you see here...

You have to walk up to can get inside the little Restaurant.
The special feature will be a sitting area on the tree branches with those funny colorful bottles you know from the movie..

Also host in the Tree Trunk is the Station for another little ride that goes around the big Tree with an heavily themed Bayou. It will be the Bayou Boogie a Aquatopia style attraction..!

At Adventureland on the former Colonel Hati Pizza Outpost you will get to see The Festival of the Lion king, with a copy of the building from HKDL or with a new style so it could fit the restaurant who is on not far away called the Tiki Restaurant. it will be the replacement for Colonel Hati..!

The new Attraction for Adventureland is right between New Orleans Square and Indiana Jones.

The Jungle Adventure is a new designed Jungle Cruise. Because of the Language i thought it should get a own soundtrack, lots of szenery, special effects with water and fire, and this time the attraction will be a ravting ride. That guests won´t get wet to much i thought of a not so extrem ravting ride  :mrgreen:

And now after all this Writing stuff, here is the Map i tryed to make as good as possible, one thing i did not make was the outside part of the Voodoo Coaster, sorry for that..!


Oh my gosh !
This will be AMAZING  :cheshire_bounce:
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Even though we always complain about the the fact that there's too many franchises, you can see why the Imagineers add them. It's so tempting. XD While I'm not too sure about extending the river, it would still look great for the transition.

One thing you could do is get rid of the Indiana Jones ride to make more room for the River Adventure. Then you could add the Indiana Jones Adventure in the empty field.
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Oh am still against everything has to be franchizes, but in this case, the lion king is one great show thats missing at DLRP, the voodoo coaster don´t have to be with dr. facilier... so that leaves mama odies food location that also can be non franchize themed and then song of the south, okay this one would be hard, or you just name it "boat ride with singing animals" hehe^^

I thought about incorporating Indiana Jones coaster into the Jungle Adventure, first as a theme element and also not to loose a ride. While Indiana Jones Adventure is a great ride i think with this ride system they could make something else. Why using an old franchize that not realy anyone think about anymore. If new Indiana Jones movies would come than it would be another case..!


Love the idea, and love the addition of Princess and the frog to Parc Disneyland. I would prefer a Boat like type of restaurant that could be Tiana's Palace (The restaurant from the movie) obviously with beignets and gumbo on the menu.