Post your best pic of... Space Mountain: Mission 2

Started by Magic M, November 29, 2009, 09:25:34 AM

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Magic M

Hey guys,

I was bored and thought I spread some more feel-good vibes by starting a "Best Picture" competition.

Round One is pictures of DLRP's legendary ride - Space Mountain: Mission 2.

Here's my effort - can you beat it?

Smoke, recoil, closing bay door, ahh... bliss...

Magic M


I'm beaten, but here's the best i can find (aka from 2009's photos);

I don't know just think it has a bit of a hollywood effect, looming from the trees :P

Remember though SM was closed for nearly every day i was there so i had a bit of a disadvantage [/excuse]
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here we go my best photo!


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Here's mine.

Magic M

Its funny, it never really dawned on my before how much the whole Mountain looked like a U.F.O.!

Interesting little side note - I've just watched the Colin Baker "Doctor Who" series called "Trial of a Time Lord" and it mentioned that Mr Baker opened a indoor-rollercoaster at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach called "Space Mountain".  I can only remember it being called "Space Invader" - did Disney force them to change the name?

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A deserted Discoveryland at -13°C:


Quote from: "Nicolai"A deserted Discoveryland at -13°C:

This is a great picture!

Great pictures everyone - here are my two best shots:


At night:

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wow great pictures guys! I love it at night but dont have a good picture of it at night myself... heres probably the best two I have but definately not as good as other peoples....

I thing it looks like a big mushroom here...

Luv Aveen xoxo


Here are my two best:



Clicking on the pictures will take you to their flickr pages... where you can see larger versions and I have lots of other DLP (and WDW and Disneyland) pictures there :)
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Wow, that sky on your day picture is amazing, almost looks photoshopped!
All the other pics are great too, very nice and I don't even like the usual sight of Space Mountain :lol:

Disneyland Paris Treasures

Quote from: "Annet"Wow, that sky on your day picture is amazing, almost looks photoshopped!...
That's because it is. It is called HDR (High dynamic range imaging) and is a very popular effect these days: HDR at Google Images


I think these are my favourites:

By day:

And by night:


Yes, my picture is HDR :)  Although I try to make them look more "real" than most HDRs look.  I LOVE DLP's Space Mountain... I think it is tied with Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant as my favorite photography subject across all of the Disney parks I have been to.  Some great pictures here :)
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