Hollywood Boulevard placemaking

Started by Anthony, June 13, 2006, 04:50:16 PM

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Ok this isnt has ground breaking as the photos I published when they put up the big turtles poster, but still I thought it was exciting enough to see some progress with the hollywood placemaking....


What is going to happen to Terrace Perrier? Will that be knocked down to make way for the new frontages, or will that remain, but behind them?


It will remain in place.  The facades to go in front of it sound like they'll have a similar theme, so it'll maybe look like it's part of the same set.

The old planters around the area are now completely gone, dug up and flattened, though the La Terrasse sign is still standing:

(source: magny-seb http://60671.aceboard.fr/)

DLRP.fr has a few photos too I think.  The lights they have on the fences are pretty cool. hehe

It looks like it'll be a much bigger job than just sticking the sets on the edges of the current path too, which is good.  La Terrasse covers a much bigger area than you realise when you're in the park.


So the view from La terrasse will be the back of the new sets effectively?


Quote from: "penfold12"So the view from La terrasse will be the back of the new sets effectively?
Ehhm yes.  But we've heard the backs won't be all bare scaffolding but clean and black, like the Parapluies one.  There's meant to be extra planting too, so you won't really notice it. From the ToT area, the "real" La Terrasse will probably be all we see... it won't look fake at all. :)

I'm not sure if La Terrasse will be kept as a seating area like it is now, I suppose then it could be a problem.


Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

...the DPG is watching U...


This will probably sound really stupid but I just had an idea about the tunnel from Hollywood Boulevard to the Toon Studios.

How about it could be like a Liberty and Discovery Arcade sort of thing in the Disney park. Quite a long walkway stretching from one land to another and then it could maybe be a walkthrough of all the Disney films up to now, with photos all the way along for you to look at.

As I said when I started this probably sounds stupid but it is just something I thought up on the spur of the moment.


Quote from: "disneymadchris"This will probably sound really stupid but I just had an idea about the tunnel from Hollywood Boulevard to the Toon Studios.
The tunnel won't go from Hollywood Studio to Toon Studio - it will serve as the entrance to Studio Tram Tour in front of a large backdrop of the Hollywood Hills.

Whilst I like your imagination, don't forget we have a dedicated forum for it: Imagineering


Oh right. Sorry.


An interesting post from "Soundtracker" over at MiceChat.

QuoteFrom the (fairly detailed) description posted by Gradmath over on the Disney Central Plaza forum, the finished boulevard should be very impressive.
Although they will only be facades (in the same style as Hollywood Pictures Backlot in DCA) they will be extremely detailed, with windows that light up, billboards, animated neon signs, wrought iron balconies, etc. It won't just be facades, of course, but a whole street, with lamp posts, mail boxes, antique cars, and so on.

I assume they won't go the cheap way this time. This Hollywood Boulevard already sounds like a boulevard of dreams, don't you think?  :)


I haven't heard about this for a while now. Any more news?


Does anyone know when the actual facades will be installed. I mean, I know the first section will be complete by May but will the facades be installed in the middle of construction or right at the end?


Get ready to be amazed...  :wink:

Quote from: "WDSfans.com"Here it is! The first concept art for the Hollywood Blvd. to hit the internet! This wonderful piece of artwork by Walt Disney Imagineering shows the Hollywood Tower Hotel surrounded by a bunch of Hollywood-styled buildings.
The current Tram Tour station has been covered up by a large Hollywood Hills backdrop and La Terrasse seems to be non-existing.

But insiders insist that this won't be the actual Boulevard currently under construction. A slight different version has been thought up with similar buildings as can be found at Disney's California Adventure park. A concept art for this version exists as well (and was seen by yours truly) and looks even more impressive.

Source: WDSfans


Wow! Im not easily impressed but this blows me away. I can't tell you how thrilled I am by finally seeing the concept art. Although we will apparently get a slightly different boulevard, it already breaths atmosphere when you look at the drawing. I'm not that fond of the backdrop, but I'm glad that we will get the tunnel instead. And although I would like to see all the facades on this concept art becoming reality, I think I prefer the scheduled version of La Terrasse just as much! Great stuff.  :D

The Hollywood that never was is finally here.. well almost..  :wink:


Just fantastic, and just what the studios neeed!! I cannot wait now, and just hope it looks as good in reality