Hollywood Boulevard placemaking

Started by Anthony, June 13, 2006, 04:50:16 PM

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Quote from: "Baloo"The entire project isn't meant to be completed until November/December.  They're installing, what, 8 sets in that time??  Seems it's going to be a slow job...

but thoroughly done, i hope. So more time for a goog looking street than crappy sets  :D

The Butlin Boy

Hollywood boulevard of construction fences:

Click here for more pics.
Source: Dlrp.fr


Things are really going to make the Filmpark more and more interesting to visit. Hopefully in few years it will be as cool and entertaining as Disney park.

GJ :)


This is just horrible. This for a whole year  :shock:


I thought those photos were photoshopped at first.  That's just... insane.

It should be better once the Toon Studio link is open.  I really hope they work fast with this now, there's no need for it to take the better part of 10 months, surely.


oh no i thought after the huge ammounts of fencing for toon studio and TOT they might wait a while. the park is pratically coverd in it now
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QuoteI thought those photos were photoshopped at first

Yeah someone has been playing a little bit too much with filters...  :lol:


I dont know what to say! I cant wait for this placemaking, and yes the park needs it so much, but surely they cant operate the whole summer, potentialy the busiest summer the resort has seen, with that much fenced off???

Could they not do one side at a time to minimise the fencing? Or is it a clever plan to entice all the extra visitors to the resort this year, to return once it is all finished! lol


You have to understand this is low season, so there are a lot more fences now then there will be during next summer season (there's also the HUGE press event on the 31th of March).  I believe there has been posted something on wdsfans or dlrptoday about the timeslot.  I'll try to dig it up later.

Here are some more photos.  They were carefully removing the trees on the side of La Terrasse (the roots were wrapped in so they can be reused on a different location).

http://www.photosmagiques.com/gallery/p ... lacemaking  


Funny thing is, when you look at those photo's, the fences give you a feel of what it will look like! They create a defined walkway to STT, where as before it felt a little open and empty.


At least we will get something good when the fences are gone


Yeah, that's what I thought as well, but I really hope they will make the street a bit wider, as it feels very claustrophobic now.


I would imagine they would to allow a decent flow of traffic. Wow just imagine it later in the year when the nights are dark early again, all lit up! Could and should look amazing


Thanks for the pics raptor!

To be honest, this looks embarassing. This is not how people should remember a Disney-park. But well, we know what kind of reward we will get at the end of the road. Hopefully the full paying parkguests show some understanding for the situation aswell.  :roll:


What are these many fences for??  :shock:

I hope they'll be put away in September? ;)
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