Hollywood Boulevard placemaking

Started by Anthony, June 13, 2006, 04:50:16 PM

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Yeah, people want theme parks to transport them to other places, and a Hollywood street would be a perfect companion to Main Street next door.

It would also be a nice way to set up the two parks of the resort better and let them play off each other.  Disneyland is Walt's creation, his big show.  Walt Disney Studios is the backstage world, a look at how the magic happens, like his old Disneyland TV shows.  They could say the Hollywood street set is almost how Walt found it, when he first arrived in Hollywood with "all those dreams".  Now, he'll be stood at one end (the partners statue) showing Disney Studio 1 to Mickey Mouse, kinda like "look where we came from, and look what we achieved".

I'm overthinking it a lot, but then I hope that's something the Imagineers are doing themselves.


Here are more photos from the trees:

http://www.photosmagiques.com/gallery/p ... lacemaking


La Rouquine is reporting something about the facade at the end of the new "boulevard" featuring a tunnel to Toon Town like the one in Roger Rabbit.  It seems that it will lead to both Studio Tram Tour and Toon Studio... though I'm not sure, it all seems a bit confused.

Imagineers have reportedly been measuring the distances and so on in the area around La Terrasse and the old STT fastpass area at least.

I've been thinking for a while they should build Toon Town behind the costuming building where the props boneyard is now, and have a tunnel to reach it... maybe I'll post it in Imagineering sometime.


Here's a screenshot from Who Framed Roger Rabbit:


La Rouquine also states that the tunnel is also featured on the Hollywood painting inside Studio 1.  I'm going through all my photos, to see if I can find it...


(Thanks Patrick for pointing it out)


I've never noticed that before!

I can't believe that they'd put it in the middle of the boulevard though like La Rouquine now seems to be saying, I'd think on the right side would be better, just like on that mural.


La Rouquine provides a rough map of what's going on:

1 = the (false) boutique along the length of Art of Disney Animation
2 = the two turrets and the mediterrenean building (or Pueblo Deco, like the tower?)
3 = the two "buildings" and the crossroads
4 = the "tunnel" backdrop
5 = the Hollywood Hills backdrop


Now I'm thinking - could the "tunnel" actually mistakenly be something like a Hollywood Studio arch, like the one added at DCA or ones like the Paramount arch (below) ?  I still think the tunnel idea is too weird for the Imagineers to do.



I hope the Blvd. buildings are connected or so, the map looks poorly to me. I also wonder how the building near the animation building will look like, it needs to be the same height as the animation building else it will definitely ruin the harmonic view seen from studio 1 ... :(

I think Baloo is right, a tunnel would be a bit strange. According to the map, i think, they have to build a hill from the tunnel entrance to the hollywood hills poster and that would make possible plans for a blvd. expansion quite questionable, i suppose


A good friend of mine saw the actual concept art during the CM Rendez-Vous yesterday and he was really impressed by it.  He says that the buildings won't be like the Hollywood Blvd. at Disney-MGM, but rather like the New York Street Set (faux buildings).  The buildings are supposed to evoke downtown L.A. in the '30s with lots of neons and will include "skyscrapers".


What do you mean by that? I know what they're, but how will they implement such a big thing there ?? :?:
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Quote from: "Soap""skyscrapers"??
What do you mean by that? I know what they're, but how will they implement such a big thing there ?? :?:
That probably means forced perspective ones, or ones off in the distance behind something else - a bit like the eiffel tower at Epcot but on a smaller scale?

It's interesting they want a "downtown" style rather than the very glamorous style of MGM, DCA and Studio 1.  It's something different I suppose.  I love the idea of the ToT entrance being around the other side too, opposite Place des Stars.  Better for guest flow and for themeing.


Your friend saw the concept-art with the buildings and the Bank of Hollywood but what we'll get is the ones he could see on the pics from the models: Sets from DCA Hollywood Pic Backlot, MGM's Sunset Bvd (we can recognize the Villain shop facade) and others sets. And the backdrop on Tram Tour with the tunnel as the entrance of the attraction.
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They're getting ready - a sign for STT has been added on top of the old Fastpass one pointing the way to the temporary entrance (which seems to be via the exit?)

 :arrow: http://scroogemd.site.voila.fr/jan07/placemak01.jpg

Photo from Scrooge, Disney Magic Interactive.

So they're doing the STT end first (backdrop and tunnel), and then from Mid-May onwards when Toon Studio is open to let guests through, they'll close the middle section between Disney Bros Plaza and STT to complete the sets?

The Butlin Boy

And so it begins...

 :arrow: Link


Oooo I'm quite excited. :)

Do you think they'll redesign the STT queue at any point during this work?  Last time I was there it was a bit of a nightmare for the CMs, because only half of it is undercover, meaning they had to separate guests between the two sides to make sure people didn't get wet.  Obviously it was originally designed as 6 single queues, so it could do with a rethink.