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My 10th trip to DLP !

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My 10th trip to DLP !
« on: June 08, 2006, 12:04:40 PM »
Hello !
By my las trip report I had said I would write a longer one from my next trip. So sorry it's coming late, but I haven't forgotten.  :wink:  :oops:  So here it is:

30th January 2006
On this day my 10th visit to DLP started. This was the 2nd trip for my husband and we both were really excited. This time we travelled by plane to DLP. So we got up very early in the morning. At 4:30 a.m. we were already on our way to Cologne airport. We were the 2nd to check -in and then started the long period of waiting. At 7 a.m. our flight started and we were at 8 a.m. in Paris at Charles de Gaulle airport. From there we were searching for the VEA Shuttle bus and after a while we found it and then we were on our way to DLP. We had booked the Sequoia Lodge and as we arrived there we had a surprise. The friendly CM told us that there was a problem with the water in the hotel. So he said we should go to the Disneyland Hotel and that we would stay there for our whole trip. Was this great or not ?! I have always dreamed about staying at the DL Hotel once and now for my 10th visit this dream was coming true. I thanked for the water problem and then we walked straight to the hotel. We were soooo nervous and happy. The check - in was great. First we spoke french, then englisch and at least german. Very multi lingual !  :wink:  Our room was at the westwing and it was beautiful. It's so detailed, I really loved it. Everything looked so cute ! After we had called our family to tell them the great news, we were just so excited to see the park. So we entered the DL Park and we just walked straight to the castle and then started with the Fantasyland attractions. We did Snow White and then went to the Alice Labyrinth. Then we did IASW and because it was Magic Unlimited season we did the ride two times in a row. My husband now loves this ride, he could do it again and again. After it we felt hungry and decided to have lunch at Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost. On our way we walked through the Bazaar where I bought a Minnie plush puppet in princess costume. After the very good lunch, we had chicken pizza and salad, it was time for Discoveryland and SMM2, where we used our first FP from our 3 Hotel FPs which you get when you stay in the DLH. The ride was awesome like always. I love the new SMM2 more than the old one. It's amazing !  :lol:  Of course we also did Star Tours, but this is not really a favourite of my husband.  :(  But I liked it a lot.  :D Then we started a tour with the Disneyland Railroad from Discoveryland Station to Fantasyland Station. And why Peter Pan was still closed in the morning we did the ride now. We needed to use one of our FPs again, because although the whole park was very empty, there was a long line like always at Peter Pan. But the ride was fantastic like always. Isn't it wonderful to fly through the stars ?! Then we went to POTC and of course we did it two times in a row. This also is a favourite of us. We could have rode it again and again. After POTC we had already done a lot. So we wanted to calm a bit down and it still was too early to leave the park. So we decided to watch the show Mickey in Winter Wonderland. The show was great. I loved the western part in it, where they dance Square Dance. Great, great, great !  After the show we had enough for the first day, because we started to feel tired. We went back to the hotel and had a more than comfortable night.  :)

31st January 2006
We got up at 9 a.m. and my husband was feeling unwell. He had a bad headache. Maybe this was because of the room heating. The air in the room wasn't really good. It was way too warm. But we decided to try to make the best of the day. First we had breakfst at the California Grill. We had a nice table near the fireplace and there were less people with us in the room. The breakfast was fantastic, much different then in the other hotels. There was a big choice, a very big choice, of food. And the best were the chocolat waves. They tasted sooooo good. I will never forget them. After it we met Mickey and Chip and Chap in the Main Street Lounge and took some photos with them. And then we headed for the WDS. We first wanted to see Animagique, but the show was already on and so we decided to do the STT. The tour was interesting but the best part was disappointing. Because of the cold weather there was very less water at the CC and the fire effects weren't really working. This was sad for my husband. He hadn't done this attraction before and he was expecting something better then this.  :?  But after the ride he felt much more worse and so we walked to the first aid station. A very nice woman gave my husband some medcine and to calm down we just sat in the Studio 1 and drank hot chocolat while we were watching a Cinéfolies show. The show was quite funny, it was a spanish musical. My husband felt a bit better and so we went on.  We watched Art of Disney Animaton and hung around there a bit. We wanted to buy an Aladdin poster in the shop, but there was a problem , because the CM couldn't scan it. We needed to wait for the shop manager which lasted a long while. But at the end we had our poster. Because we had waited so long it was already time for the parade. We watched it and had a lot of fun. Chicken Little was making some jokes for our camcorder.  After the parade we wanted to see Animagique, because this show we always need to see when we are in DLP. We love it. But we needed to wait 30 minutes for it. So we were just sitting on a bank and my husband felt asleep. He was ill ! Not that much of fun for him, being ill in DLP. Poor husband ! But we still managed to watch Animagique where my husband felt luckily not asleep. But after it he felt sick and so we went to the hotel to have a break. It was 3 p.m. and as we arrived at the room he immediatly felt asleep. I was watching TV and after two hours he was still sleeping. I woke him up but he was feeling not that good so he decided to stay in the hotel, but he wanted me to go into the park. He said he knows how much I love DLP and what should I do in the hotel while he was sleeping. He said go and have a bit of fun yourself. I was feeling strange going alone into the park. But my husband was right. And so I went at 5 p.m. alone into the DL park. And at first I realised that I felt hungry.  While I was thinking were I should eat I went to the castle and watched the Gallery and then I went on to the Aladdin Passage. Then I decided to have dinner at the Fuente del Oro Restaurant. After dinner the sun had already sat down and it was dark and all the lights were on in DLP. At night it's much more beautiful in the park and the park was totally empty. There were no waiting times at any attractions. The CMs were making a lot of jokes with the guests. I first did BTM which is at night much better. To come out of the tunnel and see the illuminated castle and SM is fantastic. And why it was so much fun I did it again. Then I went to PM where the CM first don't wanted to let me in. He don't liked my shoes. But that was a joke of course. And then I was alone in PM with two other guests. Whoa that was frightning. But great ! Then I did again BTM, because when would I have again the chance to ride it at night ?! After it I went to POTC and did it of course again two times in a row. Then I went to Fantasyland which I had almost for my one. There were just a handful of people in it. I did Peter Pan and Dumbo and then I rode IASW all alone. The whole attraction I had for myself. Can you imagine this ?!  :shock:  This was fantastic ! I had the opportunity to sing as loud as I could. Great !  :lol:  After this the park was starting to close and so I strolled back to the hotel, where my husband was still asleep. So I asked him if I could go for some shopping, because tomorrow was our last day and I hadn't done any shopping yet. It was okay and so I went to the DV and bought some Souvenirs. I also bought a present for my husband, a pillow with Grumpy on it. He had seen it the day before and he liked it very much. So I bought it. On my way back to the hotel I needed to show my Hotel ID card at the Fantasia Gardens. Yes there is a Security Check.  My husband woke up to see his pillow which he loved but felt asleep again as fast as he could. And so I felt asleep too.

1st February 2006 Last Day
On our last day we woke up at 8:30 a.m. and my husband was still ill. But we needed to leave our room and so he needed to go up. We had breakfast in Innovations where we had a table at a window with the view of the Main Street Station. It was nice to see the train cominng and going. And the breakfast was great again. Then we went to the DL park and first again to the first aid station, where my husband got some mecine again. Then we did a complete tour with the Railroad starting at Main Street. We got out at Discoveryland but we felt not in the mood to ride SMM2 and so we just went on to IASW which we did two times again. Like I said before this attraction my husband loves.  :D  Then we did Peter Pan and POTC. On the second time of POTC my husband felt asleep. Still ill !  :wink:  After POTC we both felt hungry. A good sign my husband wasn't too ill ! We went to the Cowboy Cookout where we had Chicken and soup. Then I wanted to ride BTM. I did it alone but as I came out my husband wanted to ride it too, because he was feeling a bit better. So we took FPs and then went to PM. After it our FPs were valid and so we rode BTM. But it was not a good idea that my husband rode it, because he felt bad after it. So we decided to make a last walk through the whole park and then we were just sitting on a bank in the sun at Main Street. While we were waiting for the Parade my husband felt asleep again.  :lol:  We watched the WWODP which was great again. Although I have seen it very often now I still like it. But sadly my favourite float was not there. The Aladdin float was missing. After the Parade the time to leave had come, we said a quick Good bye to DLP, but we already knew that we will return this year !  :wink:  We took the VEA back to Charles de Gaulle but sadly our flight got delay. So we arrived at Cologne 2 hours too late. We were really tired and my husband was still ill the next three days. He had a flue ! But although we had a great time, with lot of experiences we will never forget. Now we're looking forward for the next trip which is already booked.  :wink:

Hope you enjoyed reading the report and I hope it was not too long.  :wink:

For some of my pic's from that trip click on this link:

Not the best photos, but I hope you like them !  :mickey1:   :minnie:
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Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


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Cool report and photos
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I'm glad I've already read the report in German  :D

Your gallery is so great!! I love to see DLRP in the winter season, especially the frozen Lake Buena Vista or Mickey's Winter Wonderland Show! And the Disneyland Hotel rooms are so beautiful... you're so lucky you could go there! :)
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