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Danny and Jackie - Oct 09 -Day 2 Evening - Narcoossees

Author Topic: Danny and Jackie - Oct 09 -Day 2 Evening - Narcoossees  (Read 1909 times)


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Danny and Jackie - Oct 09 -Day 2 Evening - Narcoossees
« on: November 02, 2009, 09:11:55 AM »

Later that same evening, suitably changed and refreshed we are back at the bus stop waiting to head out for a seven thirty ADR at Narcoossees. I love the journey to Narcoossees from a resort, you have a choice of transportation and we are in good fortune; one of the small steamers is in the dock when we arrive at the MK bus depot after what seems like another circular tour of the entire property. It's a lovely way to cross from the MK concourse area over the Seven Seas Lagoon direct to the the Grand Floridian Dock; which just happens to be next door to Narcoossees restaurant.

The restaurant is buzzing and they are running about 15 minutes behind (as usual). Its a MNSSHP night in the MK tonight and sat at a table for six are the best dressed family we have ever seen. It's the entire Adams family with full make up, props and crisp looking costumes. In fact the costumes are so good they don't look that out of place in the restaurant surrounded by the servers, fine wine and food and could be mistaken for a family of adults out in all there finery until you realise somethings not quite right; doesn't that man at the end look dead. A nice touch is that Uncle Fester has a bulb to place in his mouth and light. I know I should have taken pictures but I didn't , so slapped wrists for not papping them mid dinner.

We are seated twice, the first time on an empty table of six with a high chair which comes as a surprise to us and the maitre 'd who quickly runs over and moves us to another table next to the window looking out over the MK and the Lagoon.
Our server is Steve who is all the way from Orlando and seems a little flustered, he's been having a problem with the Adams family bill. The menu looks great as usual, fish, fish and more fish. Jackie orders the Yellowtail Snapper which Steve is keen to point out is a "whole fish", he says this in a way that suggests some people may not realise "fillets of fish actually come from fish you know" which sounds quite unintentionally funny, next he'll be telling us fish may have bones in it.. I go for the Togarashi Spiced Ahi Tuna, rare. Wine is a bottle of New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon, crisp and perfect.

I think the reason for Steve wanting to talk about the whole fish becomes readily apparent upon its arrival. Either a small whale or an extra from the Nemo show seems to have been substituted for the snapper and artistically placed on the plate. It's absolutely divine, there's an Asian fusion to the sauce and just enough heat in the beautiful crisp batter to give it a light kick. The meat is perfect and translucent.
My tuna is cooked to perfection ("that's just the outside then"- Jackie) and again shows the same Asian fusion themes going on throughout, my only small criticism would be it is described as having a wasabi accompaniment, but if that green line is the wasabi it has little heat or taste. The tuna is superb though, strong and tender and balanced perfectly by the spices on the outside.

For dessert a mix of Seasonal Fruit Desserts and Chocolate Dessert with espresso for me and Russian earl grey for Jackie is taken followed by the Artisan Cheeses with a bottle of Red Zinfandel.

The night is further enhanced by all the usual extras at Narcoosee's. We went out before the main course to watch the good old Electric Water Pageant do it's stuff, then after coffees spent time on the deck watching the Halloween music and fireworks; they dim all the lights in the restaurant and pipe in the music. These are probably the best fireworks the MK puts on and I always remember last time we saw them inside the park how amazing it was to have them explode all around you rather than just beyond the castle, from this viewpoint you really do get a great idea of how vast an area is being used to display these fireworks.

We return pretty late by taking the Monorail from the Grand Floridian to the MK Bus Depot and switching to our resort Bus; so far the Buses have been pretty good.. Early start tomorrow it's early entry at the Animal Kingdom.
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