Goodmorning Walt Disney Studios!

Started by Kristof, April 09, 2004, 07:27:19 PM

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There's a whole new parade in the morning at WDS!  The regular Studios character's (stitch, brother bear, jessy, woody,...), but also regular actors are dressed up as dracula, cleopatra,... are brought in with old cabrio's.   They even made a new song (some sort of a remix from Hurray for Hollywood).  It's a nice add-on for the studios  :D   :earfultower:


and they even stop at  Production Courtyard to give guests the possibility taking pictures/ gettin an autograph/ playing ....

It's nice
and the song keeps spinning through your mind the whole day.


According to some forum members on the background music is taken from the "Disney Stars and Motor Cars" parade in Disney MGM Studios Florida.  And after looking at some pictures of the mini-parade it looks like it actually is a very cut-down version of that Florida parade!

Definately a nice new feature, though it's a shame its on at the same time as the first Stunt Show of the day (10:30).  I guess it's better to stay in the park area and do the actual rides in the morning anyway, before they build up queues, etc.  (sorry, i'm just planning my day...)  :lol:

I can't wait to see your photos of the new parade anyway!  :wink:




Fantastic photos, thanks!  Your photos are getting better and better all the time, i can see your new camera has come in very handy there.  :wink:

I'm really looking forward to this mini-parade now, nearly as much as Peter Pan to the Rescue!  The characters all look great, especially the gangsters, dracula and cleopatra!  It would be nice to see them more around the park outside of this parade really.  For example, the gangsters could drive through the studios along the parade route in their car at random times of the day!  it would really add to the movie magic to turn around and see a gangster car driving past you slowly!  8-[

btw, about how long do the characters stay at the Production Courtyard stage for?  And were the studios busy last week?  From the pictures it doesn't look very busy at all, but then it was 10:30 in the morning...


The crowds weren't that bad... I guess everyone was at the stunt show...

The cars drive a few times around Production Courtyard Stage and then the characters & actors go to the guests for a meet 'n greet  :D

BTW. It's indeed the same song as the Stars & Motors Parade.


We don't know how long they stayed. We made our pictures and had to go while they were still standing there (what was almost 10 minutes).