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Started by The Butlin Boy, October 12, 2009, 07:17:10 PM

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Have you got a link to the original article on DLRP Today? I can't find anything.

The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "RnRCj"^You might want to read the spoiler in the first post. :lol:



Well I was getting high hopes there for something good...  ](*,)

Here Come The Belgians!


Another piece of interesting news, STT has been crying out for a revamp since the park opened ;)

So no more Reign of Fire set?  Good riddance i say, it got boring after 5 times watching it and the movie was awful anyway :P
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[spoiler:3a7qibme]Haha, I love how everyone's being fooled by you're articles, me included. Great idea though![/spoiler:3a7qibme]

The Butlin Boy

Typical DLP, themed fences have gone up before they've even announced the project :roll:

A photo of the new construction fences behind and along the back of the Studio Tram Tour was taken today by a member of Disney Central Plaza.  I guess we have an official name now too; Muppet Studios :mrgreen:

DLP will be releasing an official press release including plans for the land tomorrow night :)

[spoiler:2on24wzx]Back to reality! Thanks to Jim Hill Media for the photo :wink:[/spoiler:2on24wzx]


Haha great fun to read this topic - your articles are very well made and as you can see they are very believable.

Please do not do anything to Cinemagique ;), but almost every change to STT you will be making in the future of this project, I will be happy about - this attraction is in desperate need of something new! (Maybe a Muppet lay-over :lol:)

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The Butlin Boy

Typical DLP, not releasing their press release on time :roll:  Apparently it'll be online tomorrow instead, but in the mean time...

Quote from: "WDSfans"More Muppet Mania!
Posted by Kristof on Friday, October 16 2009

Well folks, we've got some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?

Well the bad news is that DLP have delayed the press release for the new Muppet Studio until tomorrow instead of tonight. So now we'll just have to wait for another 24 hours instead!

But the good news is that a WDSfans insider has spilt the beans on what we can expect to see in the exciting new plans tomorrow. For starters, a copy of Muppet*Vision 3D is a definite for the new land, and it will be a slightly altered copy of the version at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. The new land will also include two shops, a restaurant, a meet 'n' greet area, and saving the best to last, a brand new and exclusive Muppet E Ticket attraction that has never been done before at any other resort; completely exclusive to Paris.

It's going to be a long 24 hours now isn't it?

Wow! :mrgreen:


Great news, can't wait for tomorrow :mrgreen:

Also this Imagineering "story" has inspired me to do my own, if i think of a decent idea i might start one (got a basic idea at the moment but it's weak :P ).  Watch this space ;)
"You\'re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."
- Walt Disney

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The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "-breeno-"Also this Imagineering "story" has inspired me to do my own, if i think of a decent idea i might start one (got a basic idea at the moment but it's weak :P ).  Watch this space ;)

I will be :mrgreen:


I still wish this idea was real...

Oh well, like the idea of the topic. :)

Here Come The Belgians!

The Butlin Boy

The time has come!

It's Time to Raise the Curtains, it's Time to Light the Lights!

New for 2011! The Muppets are moving their studio world headquarters to the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris. From April 2011, come along and meet the Muppets themselves; joke around with Fozzie Bear, rock out with the Electric Mayhem, Glam up with Miss Piggy, and become subject for Dr Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. With 2 new signature attractions, 2 new shops, a restaurant and plenty of meet 'n' greet opportunities, it's time to raise the curtains, its time to light the lights...

Now for the low down on what to expect from the Muppet Studios:

Deja Who, Where and When???
The Muppets are known best for their mischievous parodies of everything from the film and TV world. And the Muppet Studios is no exception. As you enter the world of the Muppets, you'll pass under a Muppet version of the Walt Disney Studios very own iconic entrance way. (Final design not yet confirmed)

And the fun doesn't end there. The Studios famous water tower will also see the Muppet treatment as well, as it towers over the Muppet's new home on top of Muppet*Vision 3D.

So we've had a parody of the WDS entrance, and then the water tower. What next; a parody of the ugly billboard? Nope, we're cutting straight to iconic Disney attractions of the resort. In the top left corner of the map will feature a large wall connecting Swedish Chef's Flavours of Europe to Muppet Midway Mania. This wall will feature a some Muppet takes on some of your favourite rides, including Pigs on Space Mountain: Mission 3, and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster avec Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem (including the actual Electric Mayhem bus from the Muppet Movie).

New Attraction: Muppet*Vision 3D
Shipped in straight from Walt Disney World in Florida, the Iconic Muppet*Vision 3D attraction will finally make its way to Paris. The attraction will take the brand new remastered version in Disney Digital 3D which will soon open in the American parks.

Muppet What-Not Workshop
Announced for the American parks at this years D23 fan convention, the Muppet What-Not Workshop will also be appearing at the Muppet Studios in Paris. The only workshop in the world where you can come in and create your own Muppet to take home with you.

Swedish Chef's Flavours of Europe Restaurant
Have you built up an appetite from unleashing your inner Muppet yet? Then let our resident Michelin star cook you up a meal. Yes the one and only Swedish Chef has opened up his new Flavours of Europe restaurant right in the Studios. After all, he is from Europe! Come in and try out some different types of food from all over Europe. Fancy some Pizza and Pasta from Italy? Fish 'n' Chips from England? Kermit's Frog legs from Franc-Never mind!

Muppet Emporium
Before you end your day at the Studios, make sure to grab yourself a souvenir from the Muppet Emporium; the biggest collection of Muppet merchandise in the whole resort!

Meet and greet with your favourite Muppet stars!
There are so many opportunities to meet your favourite Muppet stars at the new Muppet Studios. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker will mesmerise guests with their newest mobile technologies with the Muppet Mobile Lab!

Announced earlier this year at the D23 fan expo for the American parks, the same technology that brought you the Muppet Mobile Labs will be bringing the Electric Mayhem to the Studios for the live world Tour.

Is that not enough? Well the good news is that an exclusive to Paris meet 'n' greet location will bring the real Muppet puppets to the Studios! So come along and chat, joke, gossip and rock out with Kermit, Fozzie, Miss Piggy and Animal.

New Toilets!
Because we're trying to drag out the anticipation for the brand new and exclusive Muppet e-Ticket attraction! :wink:

New Attraction: Muppet Midway Mania!
The moment we've all been waiting for, the unveiling of the Studios newest E-Ticket attraction; Muppet Midway Mania! Inspired by the latest hit from the American parks; Toy Story Mania, we've interpreted, improved and adapted the attraction - Muppet style ('cos lets face it, we've got enough Toy Story now!). The exterior of the attraction will represent the facade from Disney's California Adventure Park's Toy Story Midway Mania attraction, and the logo is inspired by the Muppet's TV roots; The Muppet Show.

The Muppets have gone back to their television roots and have created a new TV game show; Muppet Midway Mania! And guess what, they need contestants. As you enter the queue line, you'll be introduced to the action through the TV screens around the building which will treat you to clips from the classic Muppet show, instructions and rules for the game show like no other, behind the scenes clips as the Muppets get ready for you, and adverts for other Muppet game shows; including Who Wants to be a Mill On-Air!

Now it's time to meet the presenter of the show, very funny furry man; Fozzie Bear. You'll get the chance to talk, sing and joke around with that silly old bear.

Is that the time! We'll have to skip make-up, it's time to start filming! Jump aboard your ride vehicle with your component, put on your gaming goggles, and get ready for 3D frantic fun! First up is the pilot episode, or test round; Sam Eagle and Miss Piggy; glammed up like the statue of liberty are celebrating America, so grab your game cannon and start shooting those patriotic red, white and blue fireworks up into the skies above America! Afterwards, it's time to toss rings in the Muppet labs with Dr.Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, shoot suction cup darts down in the swamp with Kermit and Robin, fling food with the Swedish Chef and Scooter, smash some plates like a rock star with Animal and Dr.Teeth, and shoot darts on the farm with Gonzo and Camilla.

At the end of the show, it's time to find out how you did? As you pull up to your scores, it's not losing that's the problem, it's those two old hagglers Statler and Waldorf, who are moaning at your scores from up in the balcony.

Unleash your inner Muppet when the Muppet Studios opens at the Walt Disney Studios Park in 2011!


Love the restaurant idea, and Muppet Midway Mania is a spot of genious! Seriously, I'd never considered putting those two together, but it's a perfect ensemble cast of characters for that ride.

New toilets are always a bonus!

I'd like to see something better than just a Muppet version of the WDS entrance though. I've always loved the brick building of MuppetVision, it has a great industrial character that's really lacking in WDS (our industrial buildings in Backlot are all horrible tin cans).

Maybe something a bit like the Hollywood Pictures Backlot arch, but modified with Muppet designs rather than elephants? And built out of redbrick, so more industrial, - like that clocktower you can see behind MuppetVision.

Oh, and Fozzie Bear instead of Mr Potato Head is wonderful! Wow, I REALLY want this ride!!

The Butlin Boy

Thanks Ant. Your right about the entrance way, I never considered the DCA Hollywood Backlot entrance at all to be honest, but you're right that it'd probably work better than the spoof of the WDS one (I was planning on trying to make it look a lot more toonier by the way, but I gave up on that when using Adobe Fireworks :roll:  :P )


I love the parodies!! Who Wants To Be A Mill On-Air! Pigs In Space Mountain! Great idea for the Midway Mania too. Just wondering where in the park are you planning to put the Muppet Studios?