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Started by Kristof, May 10, 2006, 11:32:31 PM

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I'm thinking about this for quite some time...  When you walk the boulevard from Cinémagique to Moteurs Action / Rock 'n Roller Coaster, than you get this view...  Something is missing right, like a decent "weenie"?

What about adding... a Backlot Street set!  

There's room enough that goes from the space between the stuntshow and rock 'n roller coaster and leads all the way behind the stuntshow to the current CM parkinglot behind the Tram Tour Station.
They could place a Hollywood Boulevard over there and connect it with the Streetsets.

What do you think?


Hey raptor,

nicely done! ... It really does make a huge difference ...

(Though you could argue that if you had a NYC background and no NYC sets that might cause some confusion and consequently complaints among guests...)


There's a San Francisco backdrop and no San Francisco streetset at Disney-MGM.  By the way, this is the weenie to attract the people.  The streetsets are supposed to go "around the corner" leading all the way behind the stunt show to the Hollywood Boulevard behind Tram Tour station.  :idea:


I would love to see the new yorlk or even hollywood backdrop! Also just 2 let u no the Chicago street should be done with in this year at MGM
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I really like this idea, and it's made me realise just how dull that area of the park is.  Unfortunately, the layout of the attractions will make it really hard for them to do anything about it.  They might even have trouble fitting in that backdrop like you suggest.  The layout of the Studios really falls apart when you look at how they placed the Stunt Show and RNRC, it's just... weird.

Any ideas what the backdrop should be of?  If we had a similar "LA recording studio" theme for our RNRC as they do in Florida I'd suggest a matching LA/Hollywood backdrop, but as things are, I'm not sure what to suggest.  I think a San Francisco or New York backdrop would be a bit *too* random, even if they had a real street set just to the right.

Whilst we're on the subject of the street sets, any ideas what they could do there?  I've always liked the look of MGM's New York sets, but they seem very characterless and unexciting.  I've heard rumours of WDS getting "European Street Sets", but to be honest I think that would be a bit pointless.  Like building a park themed to California in California...


Quote from: "Baloo"I've heard rumours of WDS getting "European Street Sets", but to be honest I think that would be a bit pointless.  Like building a park themed to California in California...

Yeah, really pointless.  :wink:


LOL I think WDS could use some interesting European street sets, afterall Europeaness works in Europa or so I've heard by anyone who visits.  European is the reason why so many people seem to blame WDS for failing so why not add in European street sets, like say London, Rome, Paris, although maybe creating a Paris streetset would be too close to the city itself.