Agrabah cafe

Started by disneycrackers, April 16, 2004, 03:50:02 PM

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The Agrabah cafe looks amazing? Is it really shut? What about the bazaar?
The theming looks so great.


Well, Agrabah CafĂ© is open on special occasions...  I recall it was open for a pintrading event.  It's a shame... The Bazar is all the time open.


Thank you for the info. The photos on "photos magiques" are exactly that - magical!!! Can't wait to see it for myself!


Quote from: "raptor1982"The Bazar is all the time open.

The bazar is open again??? The last few times I went, the place was shuttered. Which is such a shame - because it is without a doubt the most beautiful retail area in the whole resort...

I remember back in the good ol' days when the Bazar was a "real" bazar, with craftsmen selling oriental jewelry, carpets, decorations. They also had a great little shop which sold sweets, teas and spices - the smell in there was amazing... sigh...


The bazaar sounds fabulous - I really hope it's open when we go in NINE days!!!!! :D  :D  :D


I swear it was all open at Christmas when I went, really does look pretty