1997 castle makeover and 1996 fantasy stage show?

Started by Alice@Wonderland, August 20, 2009, 02:31:52 PM

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I recently went home to visit my parents and we were looking through some old photo albums when I stumbled across some old Disney photographs I was sure some of you guys would be intersted to see!

From August 1997 - taken from the old windmill ride which is no longer running (it is such a shame, it gave you a lovely view  :( ) + and tea cups roof without all the grime!!

Also from August 1997, you can see the castle in all it's glory in the background! And isn't BTM such a different colour... deffinatly time for a repaint!

The show from the fantasy stage in August 1996! I can not remember anything about it though.

Again 1996.

I would be interested if anybody knew anything about the show, as I have reels and reels of photo's which don't mean alot at the moment, I'm a bit clueless. All the different costumes look wonderfull though.

N.B I hope I posted this in teh right place, was not sure if should go into Trip Reports....  :?


The show was called Le Livre Magique de Mickey.  It featured a large book that would turn pages and unveil a new set.  :)

Great pics, thanks for sharing.


I loved that show when it was on, As Kristof said, it was called "Le Livre Magique De Mickey"
You'll find the show on youtube or you can listen to it on http://www.soundofmagic.com/menu.htm
Love the pics btw  :D


Wow, nice pictures.
I like the images of the show but the castle erm... not so much.
Besides the not very nicely decorated castle the images are brilliant, thanks for posting them!
Seems like WDW and DLP has both had some unfortunate castle decorations.
Walt Disney World - 2008.
Disneyland Paris - 2008.
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I liked the castle decorations then, I don't mind if they're for a birthday, it's just they're a bit excessive now.

That show looks great as well, bring it back with all the princesses.