Yellow Submarine (2012)

Started by peep, August 20, 2009, 07:39:46 PM

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Some of you may not know about the original but it's basically an animated film following the Beatles on a magical (and very creepy) journey. The film uses loads of their songs and wasn't actually voiced by the actual members of the bands (they used actors that sounded like them).

Well it's just been announced that Robert Zemeckis has just managed to get the rights for the songs etc and will be making a new film due for release in 2012. Disney are backing the film (hence the topic on here lol) and he is planning on using 3D and performance capture technology.

Well I think it's a very odd choice and I doubt this will be anything like the original film. What do you think of this announcement?

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As a Beatles fan, I can't understand how they'll pull this off.

The animation in the orignal is makes you feel like your on a bad trip. :roll:  
If they do this remake (or adaptation, I don't know what it's called nowadays) They must make this good because when you start messing with Beatle music, your tampering with the holy grail. :x  

In my view, it looks like a bad idea.

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To be honest it couldn't be any worse than the original. I loved (and still do) the Beatles =D>  but 'Yellow Submarine' did them no favours :roll:
It was simply one of the worst films I believe that has ever been made, it was utter rubbish :x
Great Music mind you, but why oh why the film?




The only modern Beatle film thing I like today is 'Across the Universe', which in my view is underated  

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