Should DLP introduce Bicycles and a Cycle Path?

Started by Pete's Dragon, July 15, 2009, 09:30:55 PM

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Pete's Dragon

Global Warming, the steady rise of petrol prices, combined with arrogant visitors who would rather trample you underfoot than let an elderly woman get the last seat of the shuttle bus.

Isn't it about time that DLP introduced another form of transport to get to and from the park? What about the creation of a bicycle lane? For the discerning travellor who wants to avoid the sardine tin-esque buses, and would rather amble by the scenic splendor of Lake Disney. After all, any souveniors bought can be delivered to the hotels. I'm sure some guests would like a cycle lane for when after the parks are closed.

Have a bicycle shed at each hotel, and a drop-off point near the train station. Not only would it cut down on DLP's carbon footprint, but it would (hopefully) lead to more room on the shuttles for elderly visitors and ladies with prams?

What are your thoughts? Good/bad idea, or has Disney beat me to this idea and I didnt know about it?


I'm sure I have seen people riding those double pedal buggies around. Saw them close to the Disney Village.
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Mrs. Jennes

would be a great idea! :)
the shuffle busses are always so full and i think it's healthier than to go by car :)

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I think this is a good idea but I think it could lead to problems like people walking onto the cycle paths and bike accidents.
If people are staying in the NYH, SLH or NPBC I think they should just walk to parks. I could understand Santa Fe and Cheyenne guests.