Crush x2

Started by Anthony, July 02, 2009, 10:06:56 PM

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Just a bit of fun...


And with a bit of explanation...


The Butlin Boy

Why has no one thought of this before? :lol:

Ant, your idea here is brilliant, and it makes so much sense. This way we double the capacity of the ride, whilst adding a larger, more interesting queue, a shop and , as you've quite aptly put it, a Dunny which are all needed here :P

As well as this, the two building put together here look like they are meant to be like this, with the coral joining up over the entrance, and the shells rolling outwards on either side of the entrance. It's fantastic!

What would go in the Dory's Objects d'Art shop though? The name makes it sound like the shop at the end of AoDA.

Overall, this is a solid and brilliant idea Ant, and I personally think that DLP should build this and Ratatouille at the same time, and re vamp the Toon Studio area as a Pixar Studio. This would make up for the fact that they should have opened the ride like this in the first place :wink:

Well done =D>


Haha thanks.

This does seem like the only way to properly increase capacity - you can't really run two-car trains on Crush, and you can't only double-up the coaster section because the vehicles would still have to get through the same outside drop and dark ride.

There are probably thousands of reasons why it couldn't happen and even more why it wouldn't, starting with the fact that Crush #1 would have to close down for quite a while whilst the new queue was joined on and the loading dock switched around.

It'd also be quite overbearing to have an attraction that big so close to the main path, it'd cover a huge area. Though two soundstages side-by-side like that would certainly look more studio-like...

Objets d'Art just kinda means "little things of value", so it'd be a general Pixar/mostly Nemo shop and a good way to get that sorely missed character in there. The pre-show projection scenes would also allow a lot more of the characters to be seen. One of the negatives of the ride is that it's not actually very "Finding Nemo-y".

The new entrance could be like you're walking into a sea cave with the tide out:

And through what look like aquarium-style windows you'd see the characters swimming around in the supposedly water-filled Studios 4 and 5. (That's kinda how the original concepts made it look, before they changed the whole pre-show to dry land/harbour.) You'd then climb the stairs up onto the harbour.

Oh, and with 2 coasters you could offer Fastpass easily.

I wonder how much this would actually cost? Even if Ratatouille and more are built, Crush is still going to be right there, the first thing you see in Toon Studio. The queue hasn't gone anywhere in two years. I normally stick up for Flying Carpets, but heck - dump it and invest in a plussed Crush, pleeease!

Edit: And of course, Dory's Objets d'Art would also mean ON-RIDE PHOTOS could be sold. Seriously, they'd pay for the 2nd coaster with those alone within 5 years.


Really impressive Anthony, your talents are wasted.  :mrgreen:

Either that or you've just married an Imagineer..  :wink:  :mrgreen:

I would really like to see your idea progress, it would certainly speed up the queing process by a mile. But you'd have to either move the second add on building further back, otherwise you would have to move the 'Flying Carpets' further round some how..  :)

Not really sure what would be easier..  :-k


Quote from: "Javey74"But you'd have to either move the second add on building further back, otherwise you would have to move the 'Flying Carpets' further round some how..  :)
The intention is really to (regretfully) remove the Flying Carpets completely. Though perhaps they could be placed in the empty area of Adventureland between Restaurant Hakuna Matata and the covered walkway?

Oh my, they've built it already! And I've only got the first photo!

Ahum...  :wink:

I've changed it actually, it'd look nicer with the 2nd studio a little further back and the gap between them recessed slightly too, rather than a huge long wall. The facade of Crush #2 could obviously also be different to the original, maybe with a bit more colour and different rockwork.


Excellent! The ride could really, really use this. And Lord knows the area is in need of another dunny...

The only drawback is that the exterior, which in my opinion isn't all that spectacular, would become quite monumental. Perhaps it would be nicer if the second half were dressed up a little differently. Although the arbitrary, what-on-earth-is-it-style of the area does make it difficult to expand on...

Captain Pan

Looking Nice Ant!

Clearly sorting out some of the major concerns that 90% of us here have outlined about Crush, and it would hopefully kill that overly long cue line...

But then questions raise about WDI ideas when the ride was created... At the moment Finding Nemo is Pixar's Highest grossing film at the US Box Office (UP is slowly coming into that mark its only $5m behind The Incredibles and about a Ronaldo behind Finding Nemo ($80m)) so when WDI created the attraction obviously that wasn't thought about!


You're right, in reality this huge behemoth of a showbuilding would be pretty horrible.

A better (but even less likely) alternative would be just to gut the existing attraction and begin again. Take the whole space, the car park and Flying Carpets included, and build it out properly, with a good space in front for area development. The double track at Space Mountain in WDW should really be the guide, they're quite similar attractions.

For a start, have two loading stations so that vehicles can be prepared calmly for dispatch immediately. The current continuous system is horrible and I truly fear for the sake of the CMs working there. They must wake up in cold sweats thinking about "THRC" all the time. It's manic, and so many empty seats go round... surely even a Single Rider line would get things moving?

The whole thing just needs to be scaled up to a proper Disney standard.

I guess this time next year we'll be posting "RC Racer x2" and wondering why they built another tiny capacity (16?!) fairground ride that was sure to be a bit hit. Aside from Tower of Terror, they just keep adding capacity at WDS via queue lines and not actual ride vehicles...


Great idea Anthony, its just what Crush and Toon Studio needs.  Kills the long queues, provides  a need dunny, gives the chance of on-ride photos.  It's perfect! :mrgreen:
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It should have been done when the ride was built!

The actual ride is very cheap and Maurer would have done them a good deal if they bought two. Probably around $4-5 million USD for the ride.

There is no excuse when it shouldn't have been done. I could have told them that there where going to be queue issues, the perfect solution is two tracks.

Good ideas Anthony!


I love this idea, Dory's Object d'Art Shop could be a shop selling Finding Nemo artwork.

And great photoshopping Anthony.
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Haha, this is a brilliant idea, it would definitely help cut the queue times.

They need to do something even if it's extending the queueline, maybe for a temporary idea build a new shack/small building which houses the small additional queueline outside? That rope queue can be horrendous in the heat.
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This is a great idea. Never been on crush because of the queue, if this happened, you wouldn't have more people going for it, the queue would just be quicker