Disney´s Year of Music (2011)

Started by lil-shawn, January 24, 2010, 05:40:24 PM

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Hey ya folks, today i will present you my idea of an new Themed year in Disneyland Paris!
Disney´s Year of Music, the whole resort is filled with spectacular Music entertainment.
There will be no decoration, but a lot of little shows or happenings.

QuoteMickey´s Band Concert
This little Show will be on the Castle Stage. Maestro Mickey present you Music from different Disney Movies in Big Band style. Each show will be 10 minutes long. The stage will be Themed to the short Movie

QuoteDisney´s Symphony Fireworks Spectacular
This Firework show will be 9 minutes long. The most Famous Disney songs are presented with Violine, Piano and Drums. It will be real Classic.

QuoteDisney Princess Musical Show
This Show will be on the Central Plaza Stage. The Disney Princesses Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmin, Tiana, Rapunzel, Mulan, Belle, pocahontas and arielle will present they´re favorite songs in different music Styles.

QuoteBlazing Rhythms Cavalcade
There will be 3 Floats like this  along main street with lots of ligts and fire effects. this whole show will take 8 minutes and will be in the evening. The Fab 5 and lots more Charakters will dance to the music and will have fun with al the kidds on main street.

QuoteWet&Wild Pirates Night
This little show will get a new Stage between Cinemagique and Playhouse Disney/Stitch Live. The stage will ne just a temporarily one. I put this show there because there is no other place, this show will be going 12minutes.
i did a little map for it, the black one is the stage and the grey one where the people can stand to watch it, the green is greenery to hide the rest of the backstage area. //http://www.LupiUpload.de/file.php/file/ky5YPBBT9M Also the show would be Perfect because the 4th movie is coming out in 2011. here is a video of the show from Tokyo Disneyland!
[youtube:35i3dy0w]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba_PDi5GZyc[/youtube:35i3dy0w] [youtube:35i3dy0w]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lpoPv-dO5k[/youtube:35i3dy0w] this show you will see befor the park is closing.

So guy´s thats it for now, if you have more ideas what to add or to change be free to post it....

The Butlin Boy

Great work lil-shawn, I love this concept that you've created - if DLP marketed this in the right way I probably wouldn't actually mind them doing something like this in 2011 :)

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us =D>


Thanks for the comment. Yeah i think it would be something new and different, also it would not only talk to kidds but to teens and adulds too... There would be something for everyone.

And now i will show you a few more things.

QuoteDisney Stars´N´Cars This time Disney Stars´N´Cars will be a parade without a show, because on the stage there will be a new little show. The parade route will be the same as for the Cinema Parade.

This little event or show will be 10-15 minutes long. Its a concert of the Disney Channel Stars from
The Cast will present songs like "We're All in This Together", "All for One", "Senior Year Spring Musical", "We Rock", "This is me", Cheetah Sisters", "Strut" and "One World" all mixed thogeter in a nice concert show with dancers and a big finale.

QuotePixar All Stars
This will be a Special meet and greet with the pixar characters. The old High School Musical Float will get rebuild like a little Stage. Instead of the big High School Musical Logo we will have the Pixar logo in 3D and shure the I will be Luxo  :) . On the top of the stage there will be the Disney Studio Band, playing the Songs of the different Pixar Movies.
[youtube:2li26rgy]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-GxjOTGALg[/youtube:2li26rgy] and on the lower part of the Stage you will have all this characters.

The Float will come out from the Toon Studio Gate and will hold in front of Animagique where then the Meet and Greet can start, with nice music played from the band.

Also the Disney Village will become some sort of event, The whole year different music style month will take part in the Village. Lets say a Rock Month, this whole month you will just hear Rock music all around in Disney Village, also some bands will show up in the evening to entertain the peeps.

So thats it for now, if you have ideas then please be free and post them.


That's actually a really great idea. You could have musical notes or something like that as the advertising theme, seeing as we've already had parachutes, balloons etc.


Here are some example Songs for the Firework!

Beauty and the Beats Piano

Colors of the Wind Violin, Piano and Flute

Reflections Violin

@charlied, thats a cool idea, with this theme they can do so much different TV and Radio adverts....


Hey ya,
today i will present you the music list of the Firework show, i think they´re all fit thogether.
Also i will present you another show for Disney Village, this will be a Show just for the summer,
more about it after the Firework description.....

QuoteDisney Symphonies in the Sky
The Music will be Played and recorded by a big Orchestra. This Firework show will take
you into the World of Magical Disney Symphonies. But its not just Firework, lots of light and
Fire effects will amaze you. The Show will be 8-10minutes long.

Act 1 - Beginning
When you wish upon a Star (pinocchio)
Baby mine (Dumbo)

Act 2 - Celebration & Adventures
The Courtship (Dinosaurs)
I just can´t wait to be King (Lion King)
Just around the Riverband (Pocahontas)
I´ll make a man out of you (mulan)
Rescuing Penny (Bolt)

Act 3 - The Sea
In a big Blue World (Nemo Musical)
Under the Sea (The little Mermaid)
Part of your world (The little Mermaid)

Act 4 - Love & Fairytale
So Close (Enchanted)
Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
A whole new World (Aladdin)
Some day my Prince will come (Snow White)
So this is Love (Cinderella)
Once upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty)

Act 5 - Finale
Spectromagic (WDW Parade Song)
It will be the last 1,33min of the parade.

And now i will present you the new Show for Disney Village.

QuoteThe Lasers of Music Show
This Show will be Presented on Lake Disney, there will be a Floating Stage in the middle of it, so Guests
can watch it all around the lake. The Lasers will make movie sequences or pics from the movies and
a band will perform the music. here is a little video i found on youtube. it is just a sample, the show on
Lake disney will be bigger and better.
The show will be 15minutes long 2 times a day. 30 minutes after park closing, and then 1 hour after the
first show...
and here is now the video!

QuotePrincess Tiana´s Mardi Gras Celebration

This little show will take place on Town Square. Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen, Louis, The Band and Dancers
will be on a Float Inspired of the movie´s Mardi Gras Parade. The Drive down from Fantasyland to Town Square
and come to a stop there. The Characters, and Dancers will go off the Float and will make the 10 minute show,
with the music from the Movie. The Show will be peform from February (carnevall time) till April when the whole Disney´s Year of Music will start.


Hey lil-shawn, I nominate you to be in charge of the next themed year hehe!! :) a year themed on the music would be a lot better than the silly themes they have come up with. Disney has such great music!:) great concepts!
Luv Aveen xoxo


I would love if they did something like that! It's indeed much better than their silly themes :')
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This would be a great theme for 2011.
They could add silly symphony swings as it matches the theme for the year.
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1:


That's a great concept idea!

What would also be fun is international music days kindda like the ones they're having already to add to the festivities.
And also a lot of roaming musicians like the Dapper Dans, Quint Cryptet (a reason to bring them out all year long instead of just the Halloween week these days) and others so that guests can be introduced to all kinds of music: jazz, classic, blazers, big band, barbers Quartet, pop, rock, etc etc et