Need help, make a wish/dreams come true etc

Started by Waddi, June 13, 2009, 12:31:33 AM

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Hi all,

Next to the baby centre in DLP is an office, something to do with wishes or dreams etc, What is it?
We have just got back from DLRP but are going back in November. I have a disabled Daughter and all the staff/cast members/Characters etc were great with her, She got a disability pass to help her get to see Characters, get on rides, see the parades etc, but was just wondering what the place next to the baby centre was. Its just that Make a Wish foundation is a organisation for making Disabled kids dreams come true and just wondering if it was related in any way or was it Disneys version of something similar?



It is indeed a lounge and medical facility for kids that are on a "Make a Wish" trip, though of course it is shared with 1st aid for all (they are brilliant, we have had to make use of 1st Aid in the past). Disney has always been a huge supporter of Make a Wish, and a few years ago, they went ahead an created facilities in Disneyland, WDW and Disneyland Paris.

But yep, disney is one of the most disabled friendly organisations in the world!
since 2001 (many before that)


Thank you for the quick reply, in all honesty I dont think Disney could have done anymore than they did, they were great.  =D>