Bring the Visionaires back to Discoveryland!

Started by Kristof, April 05, 2006, 03:19:57 PM

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Re-Imagineer Discoveryland so that the Visionaires are more then ever present at Discoveryland.  I'll be posting my ideas later today.  8)


It's a dead hope,
We met 2 imagineers today for Disney Centrla Plaza ( and DLRPmagazine will have videos soon) and they told us that the concept is dead, the references of the audience today are different from 15 years ago, that's why they screw Visoinarium and Vernes's From the Earth to the Moon for more edgy themes like Space rangers laser fight or MissionII. More infos here (in french): ... stions.htm
Hug it out bitch !


Oh no... although Discoveryland is the land I liked less than the others, the Jules Verne and visionnaires-theme were much better than this new space ranger-thing.

I know they wanna "go with the time" (do you say that in English?!), but why in the Disneyland park? They could put all those modern things in the Studios Park. I think Walt Disney is still the "chief of all" and we should save some "old themes" though....
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