Build Your Own Big Thunder Mountain!

Started by Magic M, May 25, 2009, 09:22:37 AM

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Magic M

Thanks to those lovely people at Tomy Toys, every DLRP Fan can become the proud owner of their very own BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN!

Check out the links!

Walts heir

I think the BTM needs more speed andbit should go to the top of the mountain

Pete's Dragon

.....and they didn'y even include the water-splash. Cheapskates, not going on my xmas list for that reason alone :cry:

Walts heir


Walts heir

meant true I have no idea where the treys came from


yeh so disapointing altho i guess i could modify it to have my own watersplash :)

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Walts heir

I wish there was more light when we go under water and we can see around us

Magic M

Its just a few months to Christmas now kids!  Start writing your letter to Santa!


Not a bad toy.

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