Dlp's Fantasmic

Started by CGM12345, December 31, 2009, 01:06:15 PM

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I think it about time that dlp got its own fantasmic. I think there is no room in the disneyland park so it should go in the studios i think i got the best place to put it......behind moteurs action stunt show spectacular.

And the entrance can go between RNRC and the stunt show

The finished pic

(The red space can be a new show or something) =D>


Besides the fact that WDW's version is a pale imitation of the original, I really do not think it is worth putting it in Paris. It is too cold most of the time to watch it, so it could only run a few months each year and Fantillusion is virtually the same story.

Something original that does not need a stadium would be nice though, given that the night time entertainment options are pretty poor at DLP compared to all the other resorts around the globe.
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As much as i like fantasmic, i think the new World of Color would be better for the studios,
the beginning of the show ist based on Walt Disneys TV series Wonderful World of Color...


I agree with Worlds of Colour going in instead of Fantasmic. But as has been pointed out the French weather calls for something a bit different to current offerings - a perfect excuse to come up with something original for Studios.

However, on your third image with the red area, that'd be a nice space for a One Man's Dream attraction, as it's a studios park I feel it would fit nicely there, and bring something new to that side of the park which is a little bit more aimed at fans. It's also give the park another indoor attraction.
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