DLP on your mobile application launched

Started by Adam, May 19, 2009, 03:29:32 PM

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Agent Lex

Quote from: "Alan"So a Disneyland Paris iPhone app could make use of both. Disney would have to fill their parks with Wi-Fi routers though, to provide a free Wi-Fi network to all guests with valid tickets.
That was exactly my point. I doubt they're going to do that any time soon, purely for the iPhone app which, as ian said, would only be useful to a minority of visitors in the first place.

And it would have to be wifi restricted for use of the app only, since wifi elsewhere is all paid for, and I believe that free wifi is something Disney just Don't Do.


Has this actually replaced the Bluetooth service then? Because I'm not convinced it actually tells you the waiting times for the attractions. There doesn't appear to be any option for it on the menu, anyway (if my bad french/babelfish can be trusted)

Can anyone confirm whether this is the "replacement" (in which case, I'm really disappointed), or whether it's just an additional "service"?

Either way, it's been shockingly badly researched. Do they have any idea how much roaming WAP/3G charges are!?

Also - how many phones actually use those "flashcode" things? I've noticed more and more places seem to be using them now, but I've yet to come across a phone that suports them. None of my immediate family and friends' phones work with them, and we've got a pretty wide range!


The flashcodes, correctly called QR Codes, are used in very few handsets. T-Mobile have been promoting them (I think it was the ad with buying Lulu's CD), Pepsi has been using them and Nokia have been utilising them. However, most handsets will have to install them on purchase - how many people actually download it?

A bit too cutting edge, me thinks!


Just seen this - rumours of an iphone app to replace Fastpass tickets! http://www.disneytheque.com/Ils_debarqu ... __a68.html

Hopefully, it is true, but it could be an early April fool!