10th-12th May trip (photos added)

Started by kiki_304, May 15, 2009, 09:51:55 PM

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all your pics are great!:) love the playhouse Disney ones! =D>
Luv Aveen xoxo



Great Trip report and photos - glad you had a good time  =D>

12 days and counting until our next trip - woohoo !  :D/

From the mansion on the hill
Shrieks of laughter break the still
Ghoulish figures start to wake
Makes your knees begin to quake

DLRP - We\'ve been there one or two times .....


Quote from: "smurfy74"What age do you reckon Playhouse Disney appeals up to with kids, im taking an 8 year old in September and not being a parent myself im just trying to be a good uncle, i know he is looking forward to Stitch but not sure on this

I think that would be a judgement call, ask your 8 year old if he wants to watch it. My DD has just turned 8, she wouldn't be caught dead watching Playhouse Disney, and just was not interested in seeing Playhouse Disney Live even once at DLRP 2 weeks ago.
She loves Stitch Live though  :lol:



thanks elaine, i have a feeling he wont be that interested although he has already said he wants to go on Stitch Live.


Nice trip report! Thanks for sharing it with us!!