[WDS] Toon Studios Theatre

Started by 15MagicalYears, April 16, 2009, 10:45:07 PM

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Toon Studios Theatre

Soo, recently I had the idea of a theatre in toon studios that showed three mini shows during the day.

The first show would star Goofy and Max, this could include songs from "A Goofy Movie".

Second show : Chip and Dale. This could be a sort of Rescue Rangers theme.

Third show : Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louis. Mayhem!!!
But I know how strict entertainment would be soo if not, Donald and Daisy. (even though the show would be much more comical and entertaining if it starred H+D+L)

As always ideas are welcome  :D
So what do you think?

The Butlin Boy

I like the idea 15MY, very creative, and it would fit in well too. Would it be a proper indoor theatre with large seating, or more like the one in front of Cinemagique? Where would it go? I'd love to hear some more information and concepts about your ideas :)


Neat idea :D but where is to be built in Toon Studio? WARNING and I speak on behalf of people on this forum..Do not build it in the middle of a path. If you don't understand what I mean just go to Discoveryland during DJ Stitch thing :L


That is a good idea, i could really see this working :D . Keep up the idea with maybe a bit more info, Location, capacity, type of theatre!
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