What would you do to the resort?

Started by lil-shawn, April 16, 2009, 08:57:00 PM

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I'd like to close Les Voyages de Pinocchio in Fantasyland and replace it with Mickey's PhilharMagic. Yes, I know it's a shame to lose a dark ride, but PhilharMagic is an excellent attraction and one that three Disneyland/Magic Kingdom parks around the World have (Tokyo's version is opening in 2011). It's become a modern classic.

Besides, Fantasyland already has three small dark rides. Would anyone really notice if one of them was closed? The Snow White and Pinocchio dark rides are VERY similar.

Here's an idea. To make up for the loss of Les Voyages de Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Adventure (2011, DCA) could be built on the site of the Fantasy Festival Stage.


Hi thanks looking at my ideas lil shawn, i hoped that it would get some contructive critisism (i hope i spelt that right) and appolgise for the length of each description, i would like to explain my intensions.
        Fantacyland - i know that fox now have the rights to narnia and are making the third film but people will always remeber the lion the witch and the wardrobe film and most importantly the book the asthetic of the ride would largely reflect the book more accurately and is it self considdered to one one the greatest fantacys of all time and since they made space mountain and journey to the center of the earth (at tokoyo disney sea) based on the jules verne novel to the moon and back and journey to the center of the earth that fantacy novels, all though not owned by disney are appreciated and developed.
       I understand the resistance and dislike of the adaption of the other rides like dumbo and snow white they are classics as they are and love riding them now in france as much as i did when i was 5 years old, but every theme park has these rides with no variation i love them want them but for them to be unique im even thrown by my ideas for small world, snow white, river cruise and alices curious labernth on screen it may even sound tacky beacause of my inability to describe and since every one is updating POTC with the films characters i thought that it would be no big deal since people keel over to the success of the POTC films  (the last 2 wernt that great) and as for peter pans flight it would be moved near the jolly roger in adventureland, picocchios voyage would be made more intence so that there is a ride for the adults that is a classic and people love it for another reason.

           As for pixar same as they have buzz lightyears lazer blast is discoveryland i thought that there is no harm in having monsters inc in fantacyland especally since they have indiana jones in adventureland and what ever films, books, and TV shows they have placed all over the theme parks all over the world, 30 years ago if it was said that areosmith would singing dude looks like a lady on a disney ride and a twilightzone ride people would of said no, so i though just one pixar ride in each seperate land in the disneyland theme park would be ok lion king was my generations film finding nemo was the next ones and i wanted a place where all ages can mix and appreciate each other loves.

     Frontierland - i know tarzan seems like that it should be in adventureland but i got thinking about the word frontier and it was around long before the wild west and ruff riders the frontier was not just america but places like africa, india, eastern europe and china and some times think that in the worlds americanisation we forget that so i saw africa as part of frontierland so though i want tarzan there where all the trees are.
            New orleans i thought my self doesnt fit in untill i realised that the river cruise type of boats where most prominant in new orleans the haunted mansion is based in new orleans and with princess and frog based there and coming out soon i thought it would be fitting to mix them toghther and may be throw in some things from the original orleans, france.
      I knew that having mission space and the new frontier ride would be the hardest to justify having in frontierland most people wouldnt be open but i thought i would have it there so people see the changes that have happened and the potential to grow that the frontier hasnt stoped with mapping of the world but grows to outer space and with in ourselves to ask questons about ourselves, goverment and religion it seems intence but then george orwells animal farm was a fairytale story and so children would feel inspired but not sure why.
thank you to any one who has made an effort to read this and my ideas i dont deserve your time im open to any critisism im not always wrong and i know definatley not always right either and prespective is every ones and i want to know it all. At some point il probably do discovery/adventurland and the disney studios. my idea behind this was to make this a disney them park that reached people from all walks of life from not liking disney but thrill rides, manga, norweigen, children to hard core disney fans like our selves who as a self judgement can forget about how to relate to what the casual disney fan or children would like. Lil shawn is right about our park its original and beautyfull compared to the others but it still  replicates rides and we have a main street USA instead of a Paris boulivard in a sence because i feel so passionatly about the park i would never go to florida again (but my wife has never been once and i want to do that for her) and go to support ours thats ok for me but so many people can afford to go to florida and dont give paris much thought because most of the experiences and rides can be found in orlando i just want to give people a better choice, i always remember these 2 things that walt said

"kids loved to be scared".

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths".

thanks for you time



:D  I really love dmmosh's ideas! I think they are really origional, so unlike anything anyone else has said. I think it is really important to have new ideas for rides like these rather that just repeating the same rides at different themeparks. People need a reason to experience them all. I love the ideas for Alices curious laberenth, I think these changes would create an even more magical atmosphere. Also Monsters inc door ride would be awsome! I think it could be quite simple to do but kids (and adults like me!) would love it!

I also love the idea of having more big rides in the park. I know that disneyland is mainly aimed at children but I think that more and more adults are compelled by the magic and I also think that children are getting used to big ride at younger ages now. So I think it would be a great progression to help the park appeal to a wider audience. Also I like the way these rides are all imaginative and not just a good ride but a magical ride as disneyland is ment to be.

So yep I just wanted to give a responce beacause I have been looking at the forum for a long time and I have never been inspired to join before, but I really felt dmmosh's ideas deserved a responce more than any I have read before as they are so creative and like nothing I have heard before  :)  =D>


I'm not sure if this could be done with 1 billion, but that's what i would do:


- Renovation of all seven Disney Hotels
- New TVs (we had always problems with our tv)

Disney Village:

- World of Disney Store
- ESPN Zone
- Second street with new restaurants, shops and cafes

Disneyland Park:

- General refurbishment of the whole park
- Little Mermaid Ride
- Splash Mountain
- Indiana Jones Adventure
- Star Tours II
- A new color-scheme of Buzz Lightyear Laserblast to match SM:MII and Orbitron

Walt Disney Studios Park:

- Extending of Hollywood Blvd. with shops, like Planet Hollywood Shop, Villains en Vogue, and restaurants, like 50s Prime Time Cafe, Sci-Fi Dine In.
- New entrance to RnRC
- Pixar Studios (like the one at DHS) with a Ratatouille dark ride, a sit down restaurant and a Luxo Jr. audioanimatronic
- A lake with a fountain at the end of the extended Hollywood Blvd
- The Great Movie Ride housed in the Chinese Theatre behind the lake
- Muppet Vision 3D

If I have more than 1 billion, for example 5 billions, I would use 3 billions to pay the depts, 1 billion for the projects above and one billion for the Lava Lagoon Waterpark.


Quote from: "dagobert"Hotels:

- Renovation of all seven Disney Hotels
- New TVs (we had always problems with our tv)

Totally agree with you on this! The TVs I've had in my rooms have always been temperamental, in one of my rooms the only channel working was the German one, it was quite a challenge trying to watch Bambi that night!


thanks disneyprincess1 im well over whelmed by what you said i didnt think what put down was popular thank you should put some of your own ideas down if you got any  :D/  

also props to dagobert about clearing disneys debts probably the best thing to do with the money  =D>


All these ideas are brilliant and the park would be great with any of these ideas! :thumbs:
This what i would do if i had a billion pounds for the park.

Disneyland Park.
Would be completly refurbished so everything looks brand new  :)


1.The little mermaid dark ride would be added
2.The Beauty and the beast darkride will also be added.
3.A winnie the pooh dark ride located behind storybookland.
4. A kiddie rollercoaster ( not sure what theme) possibly snow white mountain


1.Splash mountain finally added

1. Startours changed to star tours 2.
2.Submarine voyage added

1.Aladdin rollercoaster added themed to escaping from the cave of wonders.
2.Jungle exploration ( a jeep version of jungle river cruise it was Originally planned for disneyland paris)

Beastle kingdom
added next to adventure land with all the rides it was origionaly planned to have which are,
1.quest of the unicorn
2.Fantasia gardens
3.Dragon tower

Walt disney studios
Toon studios will be changed to pixar studios.
1. monsters inc scare academy added
2. aladdins flying carpets replaced with a bugs life theme
3. A lake will be added
4. Great movie ride will be added
5. soaring over the world will also be added.
6. A pixar themed shop will be added
7. A new resturant will be added
8. toontown will also be added.
9. Nightmare before christmas ride will added.

Disney village
Will recieve a small expansion
1. World of disney store will be added

All the hotels will also be refurbished.
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1:


Ultimately, this could hit over $1 Billion, but as long as all of this were to see the day within the next ten years, I'd be happy. :D

Disneyland Park:
First of all, I'd give the park a general clean-up and re-paint if needs be. I'd also change the name back to Disneyland Paris, especially considering that they came to their senses and changed the whole resort's name back to Disneyland Paris (as opposed to the clunky Disneyland Resort Paris  :roll: ) For everything else, I'd put forward these points:
    Main Street USA
    There's not much to say about this place in all honesty, as it essentially serves its purpose as a charming themed gateway to the park. If anything, I'd just add a small Main Street Cinema and perhaps refresh some of the shops.[/list]
      Again, little really to say here, although I do have some points.
        -Give Phantom Manor a refurbishment similar to what the Haunted Mansion in Florida got, especially improving some of the animatronics.
        -I agree that Splash Mountain is needed, and I honestly want them to keep the
      Song of the South characters as opposed to using characters from Pocahontas or The Princess and the Frog, as has been rumoured. They could possibly incorporate Splash Mountain into a sort of Louisiana section of Frontierland. As far as a new Critter Country for Splash Mountain is concerned, I don't think that it's all that necessary; I think that Critter Country only came about as a means to rethink a poorly thought-out and under-visited area of the original Disneyland (Bear Country).
      -If we don't get Splash Mountain, settle on Western River Expedition.[/list][/list]
        Nothing perhaps too drastic, just some things that need doing here and there. I'd add a few more signs here and there, though, as the layout is quite confusing. Just a few points:
          -Add some animatronic animals to the Temple of Peril, just like what appeared in some of the concept pictures. Also add some sign posts in the queue area revealing the back story to the ride, and what Indiana Jones would have been doing here in the first place.
          Probably still the best looking place in the park, and deservedly so, though it could do with a few new attractions (and when I say new, I don't mean replacements of existing attractions, like what happened with Mr Toad's Wild Ride at Walt Disney World). Aside from a few scenes in Le Pays des Contes de Fées, the most recent Disney film to be referenced is probably The Sword in the Stone (the sword itself and the shop in the castle), which came out in 1963! I think we can agree that a number of the modern films (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Little Mermaid in particular) have become as classic as Snow White or Pinocchio, and characters like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse deserve an attraction of their own. Here's what I would do (some or all of the following):
            -Add The Little Mermaid dark ride across from Pizzeria Bella Notte, with the planned coral reef look (it's a bit more imaginative and intriguing than the Eric's harbour look being used in Florida).
            -Update some of the effects in the dark rides.
            -Update Le Pays des Contes de Fées to include a few more iconic stories (and probably some basic dialogue as well; I understand that we can't have a full narrator like in California, but the ride seems a bit too quiet for its own good).
            -Convert the Fantasy Festival Stage into either The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh or Mickey's Philharmagic. Whatever doesn't go there should end up in the Toon Studio.
            -Build the Beauty and the Beast animatronic theatre, or at least adapt it into a dark ride or mystery tour if a theatrical show would be too high-maintenance.
            -Add a mountain rollercoaster similar to the Matterhorn (possibly themed to the Bald Mountain segment of
          Fantasia), probably located behind the Fantasy Festival Stage (that would get knocked down into a walkway if so), or across from Bella Notte (in which case Ariel would go around where the Fantasy Festival Stage is).
          -Create an Ariel's Grotto to go with the dark ride, and create a Rapunzel's tower as a meet-and-greet area for Rapunzel (since her hair is otherwise too long) and Flynn.[/list][/list]
            This is perhaps my favourite part of the park, save for perhaps Fantasyland, but I think that the Jules Verne theme is beginning to fade a little and that it could have an unfortunate future of becoming a pot-pourri of general science-fiction and technological exhibits, as the Tomorrowlands in America have become; the purpose of reworking Tomorrowland into Discoveryland for Paris was for it not to end up becoming dated and to lose its original concept later along the line. Therefore, my changes for here would be:
              -Revert Space Mountain back to more of a Jules Verne (or general late Victorian/Edwardian sci-fi) theme. I don't want to seem regressive, it's just that the Mission 2 storyline doesn't really work as well to me as the Voyage to the Moon concept. Having a sort of sequel to an attraction seems weird, and whilst I'll, Mission 2 is generally not as good as De la terre à la lune.
              -Move Buzz Lightyear over to the back of Discoveryland. It would fit in more with the Hollywood sci-fi theme if it were next to Star Tours (it would probably replace the tacky Pizza Planet restaurant, or move into the 3D theatre if push came to shove). Where it stands now is a bit bizarre as it's in an area that celebrates pre-WW1 visionaries.
              -Where Buzz is, return either Le Visionarium, or include something that would fit in better with the general idea of humankind thinking of the future, perhaps a hands-on exhibit like Innoventions (though having some more fantastical exhibits to fit in with the retro sci-fi theme).
              -Bring a new show to Videopolis. As nice as the Mickey cartoons are, it isn't that big a draw. They could easily add a Pixar-themed show, as a number of those films have a sci-fi feel of sorts.
              Odds and ends:
              Honestly just a few things here. Off I go:
                -I don't think a new land is needed per se. If they do decide to add one, then give it more than just a few carnival rides à la Toy Story Playland (it does look well themed, but meh). Something "urban" feeling would be fine (think New Orleans Square or Liberty Square), as would a haunted forest land.
                -We need a new daytime parade that harks back to the original parade from 1992. No more "float-sharing", no more "cheesy pop music". Bring back floats dedicated to one film alone, and include a more classical sounding soundtrack based on the original soundtracks.
                -As I've alluded to before, we need some new shows in the theatres. They're cheap enough, and easy to promote.

              Walt Disney Studios:
              I think that this genuinely  has improved over the past few years. I went in 2004 and can remember walking out of Studio 1 and thinking I'd stepped into a converted car park. I came back in 2010 and was so happy to see that they'd dressed it up so much more, even if it uses simple trompe d'œil. The "real movie studio" now works (as opposed to being a cheap cover up), though more could still be done here and there to give it that extra kick.
                -Add some statues of cartoon characters at work in the Toon Studio. The area simply feels a bit odd still.
                -Take out the Magic Carpets. Seriously, the small Aladdin walk-through in Adventureland is better than this monstrosity. In its place, there should be either the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh or Mickey's Philharmagic (probably the latter). In any case, they should also add another ride or show based on a 2D-film around here (maybe even Roger Rabbit's CarToon Spin ;) ), as the Toon Studios feels very Pixar-centric.
                -Add some new posters, sets and props to the Tram Tour. Does anyone remember Dinotopia? Considering that there have been a lot of big-budget live action films from Disney in the past few years (Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Prince of Persia etc), couldn't they add some of those old sets and props there if they still exist?
                -Add Soarin' (presumably Soarin' Over the World, though even Soarin' Over California could work if they put it in context with the theme of Hollywood and making movies). It would go around the Disney Channel studio and Cinémagique, as planned, to create a sort of theatre district.
                -Replace Armagedon with...well...something other than Armagedon. I don't think Toy Story Mania would fit here (seriously, we have so much Toy Story anyway). They should probably create something original, in all honesty.
                -Add World of Colour, Fantasmic or a new water/night-time show.
                -Add some proper restaurants, including the rumoured Animator's Palette.
              http://www.photosmagiques.com/wdsfans/s ... s_2002.php (Nuff said)
              - http://www.photosmagiques.com/wdsfans/s ... m_tour.php (Nuff said again) [/list]

              Nothing much to write here. I honestly think that the Disney Village ultimately serves its purpose as somewhere to wind down for a little while, and I can't comment on all of the hotels (I haven't even stepped foot into Santa Fe, Cheyenne or New York). I equally can't comment on Davy Crockett Ranch or Golf Disneyland (anyone actually used the latter?). But a few things:
                -Let more characters roam the parks. They seem governed now more by set appearances as opposed to surprise appearances. The Studios park in particular needs more characters roaming around, and it's not as though they wouldn't fit in there (they do come from films after all). A character from
              Alice in Wonderland would seem fine walking around in the Toon Studios as much as in Fantasyland. Equally, don't let character appearances be limited to just Mickey's pals, especially in the hotels.
              -Add an international book shop and mini-supermarket to the Disney Village.
              -Add a media-retail chain (perhaps Virgin Megastore or Fnac) to Disney Village.[/list]

              Walt Disney World]
              Disneyland Paris]


              Quote from: "dagobert"If I have more than 1 billion, for example 5 billions, I would use 3 billions to pay the depts, 1 billion for the projects above and one billion for the Lava Lagoon Waterpark.

              but euro disney have said openly that they have more than enough money set aside to pay debts and doublee the size of studios, they just continue because they want that as a safety net


              I´d like to share what I´d like to do to the resort. I´m not so good at painting so i will try to describe it as much as I can :)

              Disneyland park:]

              I´ve always wanted Splash Mountain in Frontierland. I think that the empty room with pocahontas village etc would be perfect for Splash Mountain. But I think that DLRP would do thier own version, like Pocahontas theme. Instead of see the "Song of the south" you will follow Pocanhontas and her friends and in the end ofcourse a big splash ;)
              With "Pocahontas River Flume", Phantom Manor (with updated effects) and BTM, Frontierland would be PERFECT! =D>

              Pirates of the Caribbean would have updated effects with Jack Sparrow, and Indiana Jones et le temple de peril would stay but I like to change the name, maybe something like Raging Spirits like the one in TokyoDisneysea. But the main thing to do in Adventureland is The Indiana Jones Adventure. But I sat down and thought about it and I came up with the idea of keeping the old temple de peril and instead making a "Prince of Persia Adventure", with the same layout as the Indy adventure, but of course with other scenes. What do you think? I think it would fit and it would be something new for Paris to come up with. So the adventureland would be like this: POTC (updated), Indiana Jones temple de peril and Prince of Persia Adventure.

              Refresh many of the old rides like Peter Pan, Snowhite and Pinocchio. Instead of the Fantasy festival stage I would put the Mickeys Philharmagic! I´d like to see something from the movies "Beaty and the beast" or "The little Mermaid", but if a third gate will open, then I would love to see it in there instead. I would maybe insert Many adventures of winnie the pooh instead of Pinocchio.

              I would definately update Star Tours to the latest version, bring back the Mission 1 at Space Mountain or maybe create a Mission 3 with more smooth train and effects. In videopolis I will put Soarin over the world or Mission Space. If the Mission Space will take that place i will put Soarin in WDS next to cinemagique.

              Walt Disney Studios:
              Remove the Studio 1 and create a big street with shops and restaurants. I dont like the concept with boxes! I will also change name on Toon Studio to Pixar Plaza! I will create a balloon race carousel from the movie "Up", just for the little ones. I will also create the "seas with nemo and friends" from EPCOT, next to the crush´s coaster. I don´t think it would be too much of Nemo, Crush´s coaster is for the more daring ones and the seas with nemo is for the whole family. I will replace the Animagique with something like Monsters INC, the one in Tokyo! If the studios expand i will create a brand new rollercoaster themed after "The incredibles" called "The Incredible coaster" painted in red :)
              The main idea of the coaster is to be halfways indoor and halfways outside. The first part you will transfer in the long train similar to RnRC and meet the characters who show you their incredible stunts. It´s like you entering different rooms with different characters, and therefore you have different superpowers. The "girls room" would have the effect of an invincible track because her superpower is to be invincible. Etc..... The last superpower is the little boy with the high speed power and the train will make a blast off and run outside the building, with maybe 3-4 inversions and head back to the station.
              I also want to change the theme of RnRC. Instead of Aerosmith i would put a Michael Jackson theme inside. Imagine to ride with "Beat it" in your ears. :)

              I will also get new effects to the Studio Tram tour, like the bustour at Universal Studios in Hollywood!!!

              I would not put the Ratatouille ride in WDS, because i like lil-shawns idea of the third gate and would put it in the France area!

              This is the main things i would change and edit! I would like to present my ideas for a third gate, but i do it in that thread!

              Feel free to comment and discuss!


              2 new hotels


              We've discussed The Indiana Jones Adventure being built in Adventureland before. Well here's a new aerial I just put together which gives us a clearer view of how that would look:

              Keywords: Indiana Jones Adventure, Indy Ride, EMV, Dark Ride, Future, Expansion, New Attraction, Future Attraction, Enhanced Motion Vehicle, Tony Baxter, Paris, France, E-ticket


              Great visual, Alan! It seems you have taken TDS's Indiana Jones Adventure. I think on the Disney & More Blog you can see a concept art/map of the Indiana Jones Adventure.


              Yes, there's official concept art, which I have. But this new image is, like you said, Tokyo DisneySea's Indiana Jones Adventure composited on top of an aerial photo of Disneyland Paris.

              I'll admit, the Indiana Jones Adventure building looks a bit big in my image, but I took the scale by matching their Raging Spirits coaster with our Temple of Peril, so it HAS to be right.


              It doesn't look that big, just look at the POTC building.

              In my opinion the Anaheim version fits better, because it shares the same design like IJ - Temple of Peril.