Scenes that brought tears to our eyes

Started by Aveen2008, December 06, 2009, 06:54:05 PM

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Imagineer Scott

1. The point in Finding Nemo when Marlin attempts to abandon Dory and you realize just how much Dory needs Marlin
2. 'Married Life' in Up



[spoiler:vah67j9u]Here's the vid of what happens.

;o; She was so bloody beautiful as well.[/spoiler:vah67j9u]


The beginning of UP, when Carl and Ellie realize that they can't get a child and the scene in which Ellie dies.


The only ones that make cry are -

1. Todd being left if the forest in fox and the hound, never fails
2. When stitch appears to die in Lilo and stitch 2

Those are the only ones that make me cry, I never get why people cry at Bambi lol


The strange thing is that when i was little, i didn't cry at disney movies, i was always scared to death by them. (Mufasa's death being the big one of course)

But Lilo and Stitch has so far been the only disney movie to ever tug on my heart strings.

I remember watching it at the cinema when it came out. The scene though was of course when Stitch leaves the house carrying the ugly duckling book with him, then he says his first word when he looks dejected. :cry:

I remember I started crying at that point. I always thought i was quite heartless till i watched that film. :|

In fact it has been the only film to make me cry even to this day!

Here Come The Belgians!


Quote from: "loladelorean"2. The bit where Carl is looking at the photo album in Up

Yes. Yes. Yes. Pretty much the entirety of Up had me in tears.

Lilo and stitch when Gantoo (spelling?) takes lilo away and Nani is upset. Very emotional.
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